TGIF: FilmFare! Who Wore it Best Which Year? Madhuri versus Madhuri, Dia versus Dia, Sonam versus Sonam, Rekha versus Rekha, Shahrukh versus Shahrukh, and Ranveer versus Ranveer

In our discussion on this year’s FilmFare post, we ended up linking back to previous years for reference, which made me think of a TGIF theme!  Why not put up photos from previous years and have people compete with themselves? (index of all TGIF posts here)

First, Madhuri!

Madhuri 2016.  I think her face looks gorgeous, but the sari somehow isn’t quite right.  I think maybe a fuller skirt would be better.

Image result for filmfare madhuri

Madhuri 2014.  The skirt is better, the face is still amazing, but now I don’t like the color or the fit of the bodice quite as much.  Dr. Nene is, of course, always appropriate.

Related image


Madhuri 2012.  Call me crazy, I may like this best of all!  Interesting color, good fit, and Dr. Nene is extra smiley!  WINNER

Image result for filmfare madhuri


My next favorite fashion wearer, Dia Mirza!  Who, somehow, always fails at FilmFare.  At least, I think so.

Dia 2013.  No!  Too ambitious.  She was going for a sort of modern sari look, leggings and a leotard style top under the wrap with no skirt.  And it ends up just looking messy, right?  Maybe if she had done her hair up and put on more jewelry it might have worked better.  Big gold bracelets would be good.

Image result for filmfare dia mirza

Dia 2014 (Sahil Sangha isn’t nearly as good arm candy as Dr. Nene).  Again, I like the concept, and the execution is a little better, but it still isn’t just right somehow.  Maybe it’s just that her sari needs a better drape?  It looks confused, and we can’t admire the lining.  But the colors are bold, and the jewelry is good, and so I say WINNER

Related image

Dia 2012.  An Anarkali!  Very cool.  I think this is my favorite so far, but it’s still not perfect.  Or maybe it is just her posture, I have this urge to tell her to stand up STRAIGHT.

Image result for filmfare dia mirza



Sonam!  My other fashionista, more famous for what she wears than what she does.  And also tends to fail at FilmFare.  But not always!

Sonam 2017. Ambitious idea, perfect fit and posture and all, but can that rescue the essential ugliness of sheer?

Image result for sonam kapoor filmfare awards 2017

FilmFare 2015.  I think here execution and fit failed, along with the original concept.

Image result for sonam kapoor filmfare awards


FilmFare 2016.  Perhaps the best of the bunch!  Not that imaginative or exciting, but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it., yes, I am saying it, WINNER

Image result for sonam kapoor filmfare awards


Now that we’ve done the young folks, moving on to the big guns, Rekha!  Who has been coming to FilmFare since forever, whether or not she is nominated.

Rekha, 2016.  A reliable sari, I like the subtle green tones.  And I also like Rekha’s confidence in wearing loose hair even as an older woman.  And her big accessories, perfectly color matched to the sari, all of this is perfection.

Image result for rekha filmfare awards young


FilmFare 2015.  Orange this year, still wonderful, except I think her accessories are a little off.  That necklace is just too long, and the earrings dangle slightly too far, getting mixed up with the necklace instead of each having their own moment.  And the bag very very slightly clashes.

Image result for rekha filmfare awards young


FilmFare 2015.  This may be my favorite.  I love the warm yellow color, something slightly different than we usually see with saris, but still with gold undertones that pick up the necklace. WINNER

Related image


And now Shahrukh!  I am trying to give us a little Shahrukh content, but in a grown up way.  And this is legit, if you are talking FilmFare, I think he is the most regular and fashionable attendee.

Shahrukh 2015.  A basic blue suit.  Nothing wrong with it, but nothing spectacularly right.  Also, I think his pants might be a hair too long.  And he should have a pocket square to match his tie. But still, considering the other options, WINNER

Related image


Shahrukh 2016.  Better, I think.  A tux makes more of a statement than a suit.  But I hate hate hate that contrasting color around his wrists.

Image result for shahrukh filmfare awards


Shahrukh 2012.  Well, this is a disaster!  From all angles.  It’s not appropriate for the event, not nearly dressy enough (not to mention that it looks like he forgot to wash his hair), and it doesn’t seem to fit right (arms too long) and he doesn’t seem to be wearing it right, the shirt should be more buttoned and his hands shouldn’t be in his pockets.  Disaster!!!!

Image result for shahrukh filmfare awards


Okay, one more!  Since he is begging us to talk about his clothes, let’s look at Ranveer!

Ranveer 2014.  On anyone else, I would say this is too much.  But on Ranveer, it is discrete.  And he carries it off like that, casual, like we shouldn’t even bother noticing what he is wearing.  But the shoes are still stupid, that I will stick with even if he carries off the jacket.

Related image

Ranveer 2016.  For me personally, this is the best he has ever looked at FilmFare, or maybe anywhere.  Stylish and interesting but not over the top.  WINNER

Image result for ranveer singh filmfare awards

Ranveer 2018.  And of course this year.  On Ranveer!  I love the idea, it’s just sort of too much for me.  If it were on someone like Varun Dhawan or Rajkummar Rao, who normally dresses normally, I would wholeheartedly love it.  But on Ranveer, somehow it feels like he is more focused on topping himself than on actually liking the outfit.

Image result for ranveer singh filmfare awards


Bonus photo:

I just think this is cute.  And Rekha looks amazing, and Shahrukh looks amazingly 90s.

Related image



Which outfit wins for you from each individual contestant? (you know my answer form what I wrote above)


Which outfit wins overall? (you can do ties, or a male and female category) 

I think I have to give it to Rekha in yellow

Related image

And Ranveer in geometric stripes!

Image result for ranveer singh filmfare awards


22 thoughts on “TGIF: FilmFare! Who Wore it Best Which Year? Madhuri versus Madhuri, Dia versus Dia, Sonam versus Sonam, Rekha versus Rekha, Shahrukh versus Shahrukh, and Ranveer versus Ranveer

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  2. is Ranveer’s suit have pictures of movies? ah! Adorable! I honestly find Ranveer’s style better than SRK #Sorry

    ah! btw. Padmavat is doing great here in LA. People hate it but they want to see how much they hate it. lolol, how is this helping anyone? Bhansali is getting his movie for his poopy movie.

    Bhagmathie situation update. no shows in la AT ALL. Usually AMC Burbank or Cinemark 18 hosts but zilch! I called them because I was so upset and they said padmavaat is getting those screens and maybe, just maybe, bhaagmathie will come next week. Padmavat distributors convinced them that it will do so good due to all the controversy and they were desperate! Those distributors know how to convince americans *sigh *sigh. Also, rana’s nenu raju nenu matri did horrible, so that was also a reason. I wanted to watch it so badly this weekend *sigh *sigh

    Well, Have a wonderful time watching Padmavat tonight! I cant wait to read your review ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I should hire you for my research assistant! That information you dug out of the movie theater is exactly what I have theorized but not been able to confirm.

      Meanwhile, my all-Indian theater has been burned so bad by Hindi films this year, they are doing half Padmavat and half Bhagmathie AND holding over some Malayalam films and other movies too. They didn’t go all in on the Pawan movie either, definitely learned to hold back on giving away all their screens.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh I like this one. Lots of pretty to look at. My faves for each person are:

    Madhuri in the white/gold sari. She looks like a queen. I think the angle of the photo is just not the best for the sari.

    Dia in the blue and yellow.

    Sonam in the peachy nightgown set looking thing. I think it actually looks great on her, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I like her jewelry too!

    Rekha in the green. I could stare at that fabric forever. It must have looked amazing in person. I love it when she wears her hair down.

    Shah Rukh in the black tie. Best fit, he’s wearing a beard and his hair’s good, and I don’t mind the contrasting satin trim, which I think is also black, but can’t tell for sure in this pic.

    Ranveer in the movie suit. He can carry it off, and I like the whole look, from his goofy blown-back hair to his mod boots. I find thinking of him conceiving this suit, going for fittings, etc, kind of adorable, and usually I just find him annoying.

    Best of all goes to Rekha in the green. She is just perfectly put together and looking so comfortable in herself.

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    • I hadn’t noticed until I looked at these Rekha photos how much her hair being down helps to highlight the drape of the sari. The hair catches the light and has all these undertones and layers, just like the silk sari, it is a lot more interesting to look at than an updo would be.

      You have almost made me like Ranveer’s suit too! It is adorable thinking of it like that. I wonder if he saw the fabric and decided to have the suit made? Or if it was already out there in the world and he just went to have them make it in his size? Or if it was totally from scratch?

      On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 3:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • In my head-canon, he has a designer friend, and he went to him/her and said, “I just had the coolest idea–wouldn’t movie posters make an awesome looking suit? And I could wear it to an award show!” And then the friend made it happen–whether from existing or specially made fabric I have no idea. 🙂

        Looking forward to your Padmaavat review. Procrastinated this afternoon by watching reviews on You Tube. I’ll probably see it one day, but not in theaters.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m dreading a bit seeing it in theaters. Partly because I didn’t get much sleep last night and the thought of another late night is not very appealing.

          On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 4:19 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Too late, I already had two cokes with lunch. I’m gonna be up until 3am. Look for a somewhat incoherent very very late/early review. Or else I will write it, realize it is incoherent, and then delete it and write the real thing late afternoon tomorrow.

            On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 4:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. I favourites:
    -Madhuri 2012 (bonus points for husband, he looks so young on this photo)
    – Dia’s face, make-up and hair on first photo (2013). So beautiful. I hate the sari and shoes, but imagine this black top with colorful lengha. Blue-yellow sari si not bad either. All 2012 look is terrible especially the hair.
    -There are no winners among Sonam outfits
    -Rekha in green sari. The yellow/gold look is just too much. Gold jewelry on gold sari, on gold choli – it’s glaring like looking directly at the sun
    – SRK – first look
    – Ranvir 2018

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    • I just noticed that the one I picked out as my “favorite” is also the only one where her hair ISN’T down. Must mean I just really like looking at jewelry.


  5. Madhuri is gorgeous in everything but I prefer her in the two saris.
    Dia’s outfits are all a bit awful for me. She’s trying to be adventurous with the saris maybe, but they just don’t work. The gauzy dress is inoffensive enough, but rather boring.
    Rekha’s green fabric is beautiful. She wears outfits with such confidence in what suits her best she always looks stunning.
    Sonam, she looks good in the 2016 dress, the other one is too complicated, trying too hard.
    Shahrukh – looks good even in a potato sack. For a man who likes to slob around when he is off-duty he looks superb in really formal gear, so the tux and bow-tie get my vote. I like the bit of contrast at the cuffs, it’s subtle but gives the outfit a bit of individual flair.
    I can’t choose between Ranveer’s weird and wacky selections. They all serve their purpose – to be weird and wacky! They look good on him and it’s fun to see what he will appear in next. Btw, didn’t Shahrukh also wear a jacket with movie images on it (specifically, pictures of Kat) in the Zero teaser? Could it be a coincidence?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rekha’s green sari is the clear winner!!!

      And I just used google to confirm, yes Shahrukh had a somewhat similar jacket! But I think it is a coincidence. Pop-art movie images on clothes have been around for a while, and Shahrukh’s jacket looks like images maybe rather than posters? To me they feel really different.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Rekha
    Green is the best sari.
    But yellow is the best styling and overall package.
    IMO a chunky necklace and long hair worn loose and forward, even if just to 1 side, compete with each other, unless you have very thin hair.

    Love how understated she is with her styling and accessories. Almost like she understands that the saree is the star of the show. It could be living in America and having an Indian American husband, but her approach tho accessories, hair, and makeup is very subtle. It could also be the taste of people who are culturally west-coastal (coastal Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa) is very non-showy wrt jewelry and hair. I like both sarees, and I like the interesting necklace with the second saree, but I actually like this year’s dress the best – extremely sweet and fits her beautifully, though perhaps a tad pedestrian (I.e. I could probably find it at the mall, but probably Nordstrom or Nieman vs Miss India’s dress from Macys Juniors department).
    Fun fact – Dr. Nene was best friends with my cousin in med school. Never met him myself though.

    While I like her in her first dress best – she completely pulls it off, and I can’t think of another Indian actress who could – she looks like she flew in with Alia directly from Milan or Cannes. Just too much for film fare.
    Second dress is my favorite. Nice ethno-trendy flare, a distant nod to the saree. Accessories are similarly ethno-trendy. Would have been great for this year’s Independent Spirit Awards theme.
    Third dress is perfect but too safe for Sonam, like she was sick that day. This is like if Ranveer wore a standard black suit.
    Sonam’s hair, makeup, and accessories are always on point and go beautifully with whatever clothes she is wearing.

    She pulls off the blue and yellow saree the best, but my favorite is the first outfit. Again, very ethnotrendy chic and would have worked best for this year’s show. Perhaps with a long necklace and hair in a loose ponytail or braid (but keep the face framing fringes) woulf have bumped this outfit up.

    not really digging any of these. He’s always a very safe dresser. So with him, it’s the cut and fit, not the clothes.

    I would like #3 the best if it were the printed coat or the pants but not both.
    So I prefer #1 for this reason. The slight mullet is kinda cute too, flirting with the collar.
    #2 is a little too safe for Ranveer. It would work better on Shahid, for example.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yay! Finally someone who agrees with my Rekha choice!

      Also, why haven’t Sonam and Ranveer been in a movie together yet? Oh right, their related. WHY HAVE I NEVER PUT TOGETHER BEFORE THAT THEY ARE BOTH FASHIONISTAS BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE SAME GENES?????

      On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 1:42 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  7. I guess the ‘something’s off’ feeling with Madhuri is her middle aged Indian woman body not fitting in with the clothing options. She’s slim, but not firm and nip/tucked. Her body type needs the lifting effect of the finely tailored, covering traditional sari blouse, a classic sari, a statement hairdo and sparkly jewellery. That’s why Rekha’s yellow sari WORKS! Rekha knows what she’s doing with the south silks!

    Dia Mirza, why was she invited again??

    Sonam Kapoor – I don’t think she’s stylish at all. She’s like Lady Gaga. She just wears silly clothes and everyone just gushes because no-one in India has any idea what western haute couture is supposed to look like 😂

    SRK. well, I liked the 90s SRK the best. He should bring THAT suit to next year’s event!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The flipside, which I think we discussed in another post, is that young women don’t always look right in the sari. Just because they don’t have the dignity and confidence to pull it off. So keep the young women in gowns that are easier to manage, and put the older women in saris that match their maturity both internally and externally.

      NO!!! I hate the big shoulders 90s SRK look! I am so happy we have reached the closely tailored jacket era!

      On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 9:53 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


      Liked by 2 people

      • The closely tailored jacket era comes with an abnormal body era for his age. He looks weathered now. Mostly because there’s no “middle aged gent” cut in menswear. There’s just one style made for 20 something male models and all men of all ages and body types are supposed to follow that. That’s why they look weird or washed out.

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