FilmFare Report: Alia-Ranbir, Hirani, Katrina, and Clothes

There was one year I tried to do a really really intensive coverage and it exhausted me. Digging through all the various sites for images and to make sure I didn’t miss anything was just BLAH! So I’m not doing that again, I’m just going to do highlights and you all can fill in what I miss.

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TGIF: FilmFare! Who Wore it Best Which Year? Madhuri versus Madhuri, Dia versus Dia, Sonam versus Sonam, Rekha versus Rekha, Shahrukh versus Shahrukh, and Ranveer versus Ranveer

In our discussion on this year’s FilmFare post, we ended up linking back to previous years for reference, which made me think of a TGIF theme!  Why not put up photos from previous years and have people compete with themselves? (index of all TGIF posts here)

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FilmFare: What They All Wore and What it Meant

The actual awards list went up earlier, but we all know that doesn’t matter nearly as much as what people wore!  Not even joking, in terms of people tuning in for the show, it’s all about who showed up and how big they went.  And in terms of how seriously people are taking the awards, and their careers in Hindi film, it is also about how big they went (remember in 2016 Priyanka didn’t even come?)

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FilmFare Awards 2016: Winners, Losers, and How Well I Guessed Them All

So, just like a couple days ago, the nominees were announced, and now the awards ceremony is already over!  That is so fast!

But, let’s be real, it was never really about the Awards anyway, it’s all about the live performances!  Which you can read about here.  But in the meantime, thanks to Times of India and their minute by minute coverage, I can tell you who won, who lost, and how right (or wrong) I was in my guesses.

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