TGIF: Men in White (Thank You Sushant Singh!)

Moviemavengal tweeted an amazing thing to me a couple of days ago, which has inspired this entire post.  Think of it as the large precious jewel in the middle of tiny twinkling diamonds.

Women in White is a big thing in Indian film.  Because white is see through when it gets wet.

Image result for ram teri ganga maili

And also because Raj Kapoor was obsessed with women in white saris because it just looked pretty.  But men in white is not too bad either!  Sets off their muscles, and their tight skin, and makes their manly chin scruff stand out.

Let us see Shahrukh ably demonstrate all the advantages a white shirt can provide.

Related image

Hrithik can show how even classical looks work better in white, with a little silver trim to bring out “light-colored eyes”.

Image result for hrithik in white


John Abraham is very good at showing how an open white shirt is always a good look as well, making the chest seem softer and smoother.

Image result for john abraham in white

Arjun Rampal proves that wet white isn’t just a look for women!

Image result for arjun rampal in white

I debated putting in this photo.  But the perfume bottle is white, so that seems good enough, right?

Image result for arjun rampal in white

Dharmendra, as always, the Baap ki Beefcake.

Image result for dharmendra in white

Amitabh, the Baap ki Everything.  Even in a pantsuit.

Image result for amitabh bachchan young in white

Abhishek, a little less of a Baap of anything, but certainly very cute.  Especially when he shows off his biceps.

Image result for abhishek bachchan in white

Although he will never be as cute again as he was in this photo.

Image result for abhishek bachchan in white

Ajay points out that, white shirt, white bandage, it’s a good to coordinate.

Image result for ajay devgan in white

Salman shows how sometimes a contrast is nice, white shirt/black gun.

Image result for salman khan white

Prabhas reminds us that it still Bahubali week.

Image result for prabhas in white

Siddharth and Abhishek should give a seminar on how to drink coffee while wearing white and not worrying about stains.

Image result for siddharth malhotra in white

Ranveer, bringing back the scruff.

Image result for ranveer singh in white

Ranbir, working it as well.

Image result for ranbir kapoor in white

Rajesh Khanna, showing the white shirt look that made him a star.

Image result for rajesh khanna white shirt

I just used this photo earlier, to show Shammi as the perfect Han Solo.  But it’s also just a perfect white shirt style in general.  Very Brando.

Image result for shammi kapoor young white shirt


And finally, drumroll please, the gif that inspired it all:


20 thoughts on “TGIF: Men in White (Thank You Sushant Singh!)

  1. I don’t have time to search for the image, but if you wanted to combine men in white, Bahubali week, and sexy white when wet, I don’t know how you missed Prabhas in a white dhoti wading through the river to the waterfall while carrying the Shiva Linga in Bahubali 1. Encapsulates all your themes in one!

    Also on Prabhas, that Shivuni Aana song pretty much knocked me down and made me a drooling fan — so much so that I then went on a quest of all his other films, and discovered, much to my surprise, just how sexy a man in a dhoti could be, whether it is folded up above the knees (Prabhas in a white folded dhoti in the disrupted wedding fight scene in Mirchi), or worn decorously in a formal drape (Prabhas in a white silk dhoti in the imagined wedding sequence with Kajal in the first half of Mr. Perfect). I’ll try to find these images for you later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, wordpress was acting weird, I think it was trying to do too many things and your comment got lost. It’s back now, along with my reply.


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