TGIF: Feet First! Inspired by Jab Harry Met Sejal

So, we’ve all watched “Hawaaiyan” a million times now, right?  And we’ve all gotten into the footplay thing in the middle?  Or is that just me?  In order to celebrate our new shared foot fetish, let’s look at a whole bunch of bare foot photos.

Let’s start with the inspiration for this post.  Just in case you didn’t notice it.  First, she scratches at his ear with her bare foot.  A great moment of physical intimacy that doesn’t cross the line into anything explicit.  And a great moment of dominance, especially for Indian culture.

JHMS feet1

Then, he responds by grabbing her foot and pretending to bite it.  Which is this lovely combination of silly and sexy.  Sexy, because it’s Shahrukh with a beard touching bare skin.  And silly because he isn’t biting it all nibbling sexy like, but rather in a big over the top “I’m gonna eat you up!” way.

JHMS feet2

And finally, she pulls her foot away and he follows it down with a smile.  Because in the end, she is still in control.

JHMS feet3

SO SEXY!!!!  Mostly because of reasons unrelated to foot stuff.  But the foot is there too, and now I am thinking about feet a lot.

So, feet!  Many many feet photos out there, I had heard this was A Thing for some people, and apparently some of those people are celebrity photographers.  All start with the Shahrukh one where it really feels like the photographer was putting them front and center on purpose.  And also like the floor was tickling them and making SRK giggle for the camera.

Image result for shahrukh barefeet

Giggling again!  Maybe he’s just like super ticklish on his legs?  A handy thing to know were we to ever meet him!


Image result for shahrukh khan barefoot

This is a random follow up, I don’t necessarily think of Arjun Kapoor as the sexiest dude around, but I guess someone really likes his feet?  As soon as I started searching “barefoot”, this was like the 3rd result.  He does have nice feet, I wonder if he gets pedicures?  They are much much nicer than mine (I don’t get pedicures).

Image result for akshay kumar barefoot

Salman Khan has A Ton of barefoot style shots.  Which somehow seems logical to me.  He feels like the kind of guy who would like to go barefoot as much as possible.  Relaxed like that.

Related image

Sunglasses, but no shoes.  Which I was going to make fun of, but actually makes sense.  If it is hot and sunshiney enough that you need sunglasses, you probably also wouldn’t want to wear socks.

Related image

This one I can’t even make fun of, I have totally done this myself, taken my shoes off just to lounge around the house.  Especially when putting my feet on furniture/walls/windows, so it can feel all cool under my toes.

Related image

Aamir, on the other hand, doesn’t really feel like a barefoot dude to me.  Too formal.  Which is what this photo shows, full formal where and for some reason the shoes kicked off in the corner?  Did they not fit?  Did he get tired of wearing them?  Did the photographer as him to show a little skin and this was the compromise?

Image result for aamir khan barefoot

Siddharth never needs encouragement to show skin.  This is such a great “I am wearing clothes but they want to fall off of me” shot.  Shirt half undone, pants loose, shoes and socks already gone.

Related image

Akshaye is very quizzical about this whole barefoot thing.  Does not seem fully committed to the “no no, go barefoot because it makes it look like you are casual and thinking about taking off more clothes” argument.

Image result for akshaye khanna barefoot

John Abraham seems to have missed the memo that we are all supposed to be focusing on FEET this week, not biceps/chest/hair/face.

Image result for john abraham bare feet

And still, not getting it!  Yes, the feet are closer to the front of the frame, but you are still distracting us with your chest/arms/face!

Image result for john abraham bare feet

Arjun Rampal gets it.  Puts the feet right there, hides the face, even uses the hand to point down where he wants to direct our eyes.

Image result for arjun rampal bare feet

And then there’s Shahid.  Not the greatest haircut on him in this shot, and not the most logical pants.  But he has a plan, he will just flex his muscles so the shirt stretches, and look down so we notice his sexy toes.

Image result for shahid kapoor bare feet

And finally, Amitabh!  And I have to say, I don’t really want to see this?  The whole lounging on the couch with bad hair thing is just way to 80s for me.  Although I think we can confirm (if there was any doubt), that Amitabh has the largest feet of all.

Image result for amitabh barefoot

9 thoughts on “TGIF: Feet First! Inspired by Jab Harry Met Sejal

  1. Shah Rukh has said in multiple interviews that he hates to have his feet showing and he once even said, “I’d sleep in my shoes if I could”. He ONLY does barefeet in movies when director asks for it very specifically. He admits its a weird thing he has. If you notice he is rarely in open shoes in the recent past.


    • Huh! That kind of makes sense, I was noticing when I looked for these photos that Salman was much easier to find barefoot than the others. Which in a different place would say “Why is Salman barefoot so much?”, but considering that in India it is common to wear sandals outside and go barefoot inside, it’s sort of strange that the others AREN’T barefoot. Aamir I know never goes barefoot because he needs his lifts, but no reason for Shahrukh to avoid it.

      On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 9:14 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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