Sexy Video Post, Just ‘Cause (Male and Female Gazes Welcome)

I just spent 4 hours straight on work phone calls, I am tired, I don’t want to write a think-y post, I just want to be happy and indulgent!  If you are in a similar state, I am here for you with sexy videos.

I said “male and female”, right?  This feels like a song that manages to appeal equally to both.  We have wet 90s Raveena, we have wet 90s Akshay.  She has a sari, he has a see through shirt (by the end).


Okay, one for the gentleman/ladies who like ladies/ladies who like pretending that they are sexy like Madhuri:


And one for the ladies/gentleman who like gentleman/gentleman who like pretending they are sexy like that:


And now one for all of us again!  John and Bips, in their prime.


Speaking of the Bhatts, “Kaho Na Kaho”!  And can I say, this NEVER happened to me in my college library?  But then, I also never wore an outfit like that to the library.  Or anywhere!


And another one just for gentleman, and ladies who want to feel body positive.  And ladies who like ladies.


And a nice married love song for all of us.



And another (I don’t understand the thing she is wearing at the end, I have never understood it, why is her lingerie more modest than her painting clothes?)


Let’s get something classic up in here!  Raj and Nargis, OH BOY.  Back when they were first falling in love.


Speaking of classic….


I was going to say this is a “new classic”, but no!  It came out almost 25 years ago!  It’s just a straight up classic by this point.  And I can’t NOT include it in a sexy songs post.


Okay, one for the gentleman, now one for the ladies!  I can’t be the only one who likes this one, right?


I know it’s a stupid movie, I know it’s a terrible song, but MAN!  Imraan looks GOOD!


Another one for all of us!  I mean, who doesn’t love poor motorcycle safety and barn make out sessions?


Oh wait!  The ladies are ahead right now, right?  So I can do the grand finale all time best Sridevi song?


Finally, you’ve been waiting for Shahrukh, haven’t you?  Here is my favorite sexiest song for him, from my favorite under appreciated film of his, Zamaana Deewana.


And then the sexy song from his “happy” movie with Manisha (not the famous one, the other one).


And of course, grand finale, sexiest moment in the history of Hindi film (you can disagree with me, but you will be wrong!)


73 thoughts on “Sexy Video Post, Just ‘Cause (Male and Female Gazes Welcome)

  1. Morey Piya from Devdas is very sexy. Chura Ke Dil Mera with Akshay. Hoton Pe Bas with Saif and Kajol in Ye Dillagi, Madhuri singing Barso Ke Baad to SRK in a wheelchair from Anjaam I think, Hai Rama Ye Kya Hua, Tanha Tanha from Rangeela, Badalon Mein Chup Raha Hai Chand Kyun from Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi, Baahon ke Darmiyan from Khamoshi, Humko Sirf Tumse Pyar hai from Barsaat and Zara Zara fro RHTDM.

    For married love songs I also like Salman and Preity in Jaane Bahara from that dud movie they did together.

    the second sexiest moment of all time is Aur Paas from DTPH with SRK and Madhuri.

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    • Oh wow, you are right about Chura Ke dil Mera! I was thinking of Shilpa’s intro song for a male gaze option, but I ran out of slots. Totally forgot about that one!

      Heck yeah Aur Paas. It’s funny, i think Shahrukh is more attractive as he gets older, but when I was thinking of purely sexy moments, there was something he had with his 90s heroines that I just don’t see any more.

      On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 7:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Also Teri Adaaon pe marta hun from Barsaat again, Ye Pyaasi Mohobbat from Gupt, Main Teri Mohobbat Mein from Tridev. I also enjoy Dhadkan mein tum from Mela, Ek Munda Meri from Karan Arjun and Mere Humsafar from Refugee.

      Ang Laga De from Ram Leela, Jo Haal Dil Ka from Sarfarosh…

      Thee Thee from Thiruda Thiruda is a must watch though among regional songs. ITs sung by a chinese singer. Its simply fabulous.

      Every Manirathnam movie has a sexy song. So all of those too and the bonus is that in Tamil the lyrics are also extremely alluring.


    • I second the wheelchair number from Anjaam. And Madhuri is definitely the secret ingredient in a lot of these. (Though Shah Rukh does a marvelous job of looking simultaneously turned on and agonized in that one.)

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      • If that was Fevicol Se, I would have lost all respect for you.

        Anyway, my favorite Kareena sexy song is the one from Aietraaz where she wears an evening gown to bed, and I cannot find it on youtube! Very frustrating.


        • I don’t like Aitraaz.

          And hey Fevicol se is funnn ! Every new year party we dance to it 😬

          Also remembered Kareena and srk in Roshni se from Asoka were really lovely. Raat ka Nasha also


      • Two cute Madhuri married love numbers are : Aaja Aaja from Ye raaste hai pyar ke and Saajan Saajan Teri Dulhan from Aarzoo.

        There’s also Hum Ko Aaj Kal Hai from Sailaab where’s she’s beyond epic.Payal Meri from Raj Kumar.


          • It’s great! A real throwback to the “stunt” movies, there’s witches and evil magicians and a kingdom in distress and all kinds of things.

            And every song is EPIC. Every one. Oh, and the Payal Meri song, the thing is that the anklets are enchanted to make her fall in love with whoever she sees while dancing. Anil has just rescued her from being forced to wear them, but now that they are alone together, she is putting them on fully aware of what they do. And that’s what makes her dance all sexy like. Same thing in this song, only this time the bath water has the love potion in it:

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  2. oh yeah, Andha Arabi Kadal from Bombay is simply epic!

    then there’s Sundari Kannal from Thalapathi, Pudhu Vellai Mazhai from Roja, there’s also that sexy song from Roja but not with the leads- Rukkumani, then Naane Varughiren and Parandhu Sella Va from OKK, Sarttu Vandiyilei and Vaan from Katru Veliyidai.


  3. Second the Aradhana song and Imran looking hot in I Hate Luv Storys.

    My favorite sexy songs are the first half of Dil Kya Kare in Salaam-e-Ishq with Vidya and John (best pairing for either of them ever) and then their wedding night sequence in the title song, Tera Chehra in Sanam Teri Kasam (of course), all Parineeta songs (Vidya knows how to sweet, confident, and sexy all at once), O Saiyyan in Agneepath, all Ishaqzaade songs, Ram Leela’s Ang Laga De, the Phillauri romantic one (Dum Dum I think), and just about any song in which Ranbir is dancing at a party (Jogi Mahi, Badtimeez Dil, etc.). Hrithik is obviously a sexy dancer (Dhoom 2 title song really is the pinnacle), but Ranbir’s dancing is somehow sexier to me lately.


    • I love the limitation of Ranbir dancing at a party! And you are absolutely right. Can I add on “Lut Gaye” from Besharam? Terrible movie, great song.


      • There’s also Ranbir’s contribution to the sexiness characteristic, via Jabse Tere Naina from his first movie as a lead actor, that basically sent a message to the male Hindi actors to shape up.

        Maybe some expert’s done a before-after of how relatively out-of-shape male actors were till S. Bhansali showcased that much male skin in a couple of minutes, hoping to set an “Aaaah, to be be young and in bloom” milestone, linked below:

        Also in the “what might have been” category, had D. Kapadia not stopped acting in the interest of becoming a home-maker, there would have been even sexier performances than Jab Jab Teri Surat Dekhun from F. Khan’s Janbaaz (as a side note, both the Khan brothers did know how to showcase Z. Aman, not that she needed any major assistance), linked below:


      • I went and watched Lut Gaye for the first time. I hadn’t seen a bit of Besharam and I know that’s probably a good thing. It’s a fun party song. Ranbir has unfortunate hair styling and most of the moves are cool, but he does combine the goofiness with the sexiness in this one very nicely. He’s a versatile dancer for sure and he’s aging so well. It’s kind of a Patrick Dempsey thing. I never thought he was sexy except in particular songs or scenes like Jogi Mahi and parts of Anjaana Anjaani and then in ADHM.


        • It is definitely a good thing that you haven’t seen Besharam! Terrible terrible movie. But that is a fun song!

          On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 8:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I realize this is a soap ad but ^this!!! Total female gaze-centric. Nothing for the boys in there. Well, for some boys at least. Also, yes Ranbir’s towel song from Saanwariya which is searchable as ‘Ranbir towel song’. And how did poor old Prithviraj NOT make it to your top sexy female gaze videos is beyond me.

    Although, I must say there are nearly ZERO total female gaze song videos in all of Indian film industry. Even this made-for-ladies one has an overwhelming number of bikini-clad models.

    THIS is the CLOSEST we get to a full-female-gaze song in Bollywood.

    Good ol’ Ranveer Singh!!! Actually, come to think of it, most of his songs are about it. Most of his real life appearances too!!

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    • I only got the comment no links on my phone and I was SO SURE that was going to be the SRK lux ad, and I was all set to give you a hard time because the ladies were there too. But no, you are right! Complete female gaze focused. Also, that’s the guy from Airlift! The hot guy! I’m so happy to see him again.

      Thank goodness you put up the version of Aga Bai with the cut scenes, otherwise it’s not even worth it.

      I had Desi Boyz in an earlier draft!!!! And then I remembered all the super sexy ladies in the background, which turned it into another male and female gaze song, and there were better options for that.

      Okay, Tattad Tattad drives me crazy, just because of how RIDICULOUS it looks to wear the Rajasthani shirt style like that! Why would you dress up all formal and traditional, and then take your clothes half off again?

      On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 11:40 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Hey, I want a point for the women too! Like, as i was saying to P in another comment, Rajkumar in which Madhuri keeps being magically turned on, and therefore the sexy dances. It all holds together logically!


          • Indeed! She looks so great in the Aiyyaa songs, and it makes me think how sort of traditionally Indian her look is. Round face, round figure, short, big eyes. I don’t know why she hasn’t done more period type films, or at least insisted on wearing more Indian traditional style costumes.


  5. Three fleeting moments of sexiness (the first two, for those attracted to women; the last one I’m pretending to have the talent to comprehend what sexiness is in the contra-orientation case) from the post-black-and-white era, so it is becoming apparent that even this subject matter has content-specific limits:
    1. In spite of a multi-decade career, M. Koirala was not anywhere on the sexy-scale till she went from cutesy to goofy to sexy in a span of one minute and eight seconds at the beginning of the following song (O Yaara Dil Lagana from Agni Sakhi; shiny blue dress, shiny black hair, shiny shiny red lipstick, shiny silver earrings; somehow not glaring or off-putting, and this bit was spec[pause]tac[pause]u[pause]lar on the big screen):

    I have no dispute with anyone characterizing the rest of that song as the poison control’s recommended response to overdoses of commercial variants of sildenafil (rhymes with Niagara), pretty much like the rest of her acting work, when it comes to measurable sexiness.
    2. Background sexiness, via P. Ghai, in I Hate Luv Storys’s Bahara Bahara. From the two minute forty-four second mark to the three minute twenty-eight second mark she (I have not seen any evidence that the director, P. Malhotra knew he was creating movie magic here) blows through the sexy-scale to the extent that she makes even S. Kapoor at the end of that sequence appear sexy (if one is wearing beer goggles in a virtual reality world, that’s how much P. Ghai sets the mood to make S. Kapoor somewhat sexy):

    3. For those that orient the other way, the tiny bit in the first major hospital sequence in K. Johar’s Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna, where S.R. Khan’s character is proto-trolling R. Mukerji’s till he utters. “… Khaali to hai tumhari zindagi. Adhurapan hai. Tumhari aankon mein dikhtaa hai.” Then there’s the pause and the wink and the whispered hidden-beneath-a-shy-smile punchline, “meri aankhon ki tarah”, starting at the nine minute mark in the following video clip:

    The whole sequence is is not that long. The immediate set-up starts at the seven minute twenty second mark and ends when they are interrupted at the nine minute and eight second mark, so less than two minutes, of which the fleeting moment is less than fifteen seconds towards the end. The initial set-up, from my viewing, seems to be from the previous “bench scene” (this bit is to a platonic interaction in an Indian film, what the aforementioned “gazebo scene” is to a non-platonic interaction in an Indian film), when S.R. Khan impatiently sighs and states, while staring into the clouds, “Nahin dhoodhongi to nahin milegi.” That’s the fivish second bit starting at the three minute forty second mark in the following link:

    I have no idea if the hospital bit from eight minutes fifty-two second to nine minute seven second mark is, in my imagination, the fleeting bit of sexiness that gave permission to R. Mukerji’s character to start searching for the love that S.R. Khan’s character told her not to seek post-marriage. I also don’t know if the screenplay co-writing team of K.Johar and S. Bathija are masters of their craft for writing the dialogues in linking the bench and hospital scenes or whether S.R. Khan creating a bit of movie magic on his own, so congratulations to all of them, as far as I am concerned.
    Good Night.

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  6. I have to disagree strongly that the Dil Deewana song from MPK is sexy. To me it is innocent. If you want sexy Salman songs, you must include Baahon ke darmiyna from Khamoshi:

    and Baawri piya ki from Baabul:

    One unmarried and one married sexy song. 🙂

    And if you must have one from MPK, most people think Mere Rang Mein is the sexiest song of all there:
    Innocent yet sexy.

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  7. I am humbled by everyone’s deep knowledge of sexy movie songs! Is the Anil/Madhuri “Dhak dhak…” song the one that Harry sings a bit of to Sejal?

    When you and Asmita were having the male/female/balanced gaze discussion yesterday, I was thinking of parts of “It’s the time to disco” as being pretty hetero-female-gazy. Though looking at it again, I see there are plenty of scantily clad women-folk around. I just didn’t notice them, haha.

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    • YES DHAK DHAK IS WHAT SRK SINGS TO ANUSHKA!!!!! OMG, how do you not know Dhak Dhak? Sorry, I shouldn’t react so strongly, but it’s iconic. It’s Madhuri! Her heart is beating!

      On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 5:33 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • That’s why I said I’m humbled by everyone’s knowledge. 🙂 I’ve just been watching Hindi movies since 2015, and there’s so much to catch up on! My watching priorities have been 1. All of SRK’s movies (where he’s the lead) and watching new releases if they look good (SRK or no), 2. Catching up on the last 10 years or so (with an emphasis on Madhuri, Rani, Juhi, and a few newer folks), and 3. Catching up on iconic flicks from all 100+ years of Hindi movies.

        It’s a lot, without even getting into other regional industries! Maybe I should add a stream for iconic songs, but I tend to enjoy the songs much more when I’ve seen them in the context of the movie–they become so evocative of whatever’s going on in the story around them!


        • Oh I am so glad to hear you say this! This is the main reason I do songs posts. When I was first getting into the films, songs DVDs were everywhere. So I would watch movies, and then put in a songs DVD every once in a while in the background, and it would help me fill in knowledge about films/actors I hadn’t seen yet, and let me see if there was something wonderful I wanted to track down just based on a song.

          Songs DVDs aren’t really around in the same way anymore, so I am hoping this random songs posts help to fill that gap and give you a little intro to things you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

          Dhak Dhak is from Beta, a good-ish Madhuri/Anil film from the early 90s. But it is mostly known just for this one song.

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  8. I was thinking of sexy songs and I have Hai Rama from Rangeela on my playlist and I listen to it almost daily and I thought “Hey, how did the video for this go? Maybe it was sexy!” IT WASN’T! Like who thought all that sand was “sexy”? I wanna build a time machine, go back in time and ask whoever designed this- “Bitch, you know how sand work???? DO YA???”

    And it’s such a sensual song too!! Can we have it remixed/remastered and used in a new film?? I kinda want Prabhas and Shraddha do it in Saaho. Even if it makes no sense in the story. I want it because he would look so tall in it and she can actually dance. Like actually dance. (I know, I know, she can never do what Urmila did but still, she’s the best option we have today!) And it would be a nice homage to Jackie. He used to be hot! Gods of internet, are you listening??

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