TGIF: In Honor of My Friend’s Birthday, Things She Likes

First, most importantly, I am supposed to link to her Instagram account.  Why, I do not know, but it’s her birthday tomorrow and that’s what she wanted, so fine, that’s what I will do.  Link

First Two Things: Hot Men and Cake

Shahrukh and cake and tiny ponytail but thank goodness it’s behind his head and we can’t see it.

Image result for shahrukh khan cake

Shahrukh and cake and sunglasses and good arms.

Image result for shahrukh khan cake

Shahrukh and cake this year

Image result for shahrukh khan cake

John Abraham and Cake

Image result for john abraham cake

Hrithik and cake and a goofy face

Image result for hrithik roshan cake

Varun Dhawan and cake and short sleeves

Related image

Varun Dhawan and cake and Alia Bhatt

Related image

Ranbir Kapoor and cake

Image result for ranbir kapoor cake


Men and legs (don’t know why, it’s her thing)

Ranbir and his legs

Related image

Hrithik and his legs

Image result for hrithik bang bang

Shahid Kapoor and legs

Related image

Ladies in Drag

Image result for gulaabo shaandaar

Image result for rani mukherjee dil bole hadippa

Gentleman in Drag

Shahrukh in Drag 1

Image result for shahrukh in drag

Ram Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Ritiesh Deshmukh in Drag.  Ritiesh looks GOO-OOOD!

Related image

Salman Khan in Drag (good)

Image result for salman khan in drag

Shahrukh in Drag (better)

Image result for shahrukh in drag

Aamir in Drag (Best)

Image result for aamir in drag

Image result for aamir in drag


Image result for aamir in drag

Amitabh in Drag (Shahenshah)

Image result for amitabh bachchan drag

Image result for amitabh bachchan drag

Image result for amitabh bachchan drag


And finally, the Greatest of All Things She Likes, Shahrukh Khan

Image result for shahrukh khan sexy

Image result for shahrukh khan sexy

Image result for shahrukh khan sexy


And on this, her birthday eve, he just has one thing to say to her:

Image result for shahrukh khan sexy


So, in honor of her birthday, which, if any, of these things do you also like?  For me, it is Cake, Hot Men, and Shahrukh.  Not that I have anything against men and/or women in drag, or legs, but I don’t particular like them.


If you could only pick one of these items to celebrate her birthday with, which would you pick?  For me, cake.  Normally Shahrukh, of course, but this is supposed to be a birthday celebration, so cake seems the most appropriate.


For your birthday, what would be your 5 things you like?  For me, Shahrukh, cake, men in suits, silly commercials, and fanvids.



UPDATe: My friend requested that I clarify it is specifically men’s long thin legs in well-fitting pants.  So this:

Image result for shahrukh gauri fashion show


Not this:

Image result for shahrukh bare legs


Which I KNEW ALREADY!!!!  That’s why I picked the good photos.  Anyway, she wanted to make sure you all knew this as well for inexplicable reasons, but it is her birthday, so I will do it.

33 thoughts on “TGIF: In Honor of My Friend’s Birthday, Things She Likes

  1. I can go with men and legs, definitely. As long as bottoms are included with the legs. Very happy birthday wishes to your friend!

    My 5 birthday likes: naps, red wine, Shah Rukh movies, Shah Rukh interviews, my family. The weekend almost made my top five–getting close!

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    • Ooo, naps! That might be right up there. Although not so much for birthday likes, as for weekend likes. It’s a good Saturday if I get to have a 3 hour nape somewhere in there.

      On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 3:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh right! I should have put that in. The beginning of this song is another great one:

      On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 4:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Very happy birthday to Rosemary 🙂 I remember that you gave her Instagram link in another post so I already saw her and her cool friends 🙂
    I like the actors as drags the best for the birthday 🙂 The first movie that comes to my mind is Patrick Swayze’s one (To Wong Foo…)…I think I would be very selfish and pick this movie for the birthday celebration.
    For my birthday on a blog like yours, Margaret, I would always choose ShahRukh (no photos or filmsongs, but stage performances/rehearsals, film bloopers, makings of, fanvids and singing)

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    • But I already wrote this week’s fanfic!!!!! Maybe next week. I can see a wacky comedy about the top Naach girl in Bombay who is a man when she is off stage, and all the problems when he falls in love, but his girlfriend thinks he is having an affair, and so on and so forth.

      On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 8:55 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Hah! That would be funny!!

        I think you missed the most amazingly sensitive drag role of all time in indian film though- Chachi 420!

        I would love to see a Chachi 420 Returns with Kamal Hasan which would be a remake of Nanny McPhee.

        Or maybe something like a regular Joe engineer settled overseas is being pressured by his conservative family based in India to get married because they’re worried he might marry a gori. But the girls they pick for him are all not what he wants. They’re all looking for a ticket out. He just wants to live his life and marry for love. His loser, womanising, out of a job, freeloading flatmate suggests, while they’re pub hopping over the weekend that he find a local desi girl and have a contract marriage so his family can get off his back. Drunk, they head into a store and the flatmate gets a girly makeover done just for kicks using gift coupons his now ex won in some competition. The two boys, our regular Joe and his friend in drag take pictures together and accidentally end up sending one to his family. When the family calls up asking who the girl is, regular Joe panics and says that’s his wife. Since the lie is so huge but it comes with living in drag for a week in India and nothing more, they agree to go with it. Maybe they do this as a favor to each other to get both their families off their backs.


          • One of my friend’s friends is a drag queen from Pune, so I know they exist. Also, if you read the book Maxiumum City, one of the people the author interviewed was a popular and famous naach girl in the Bombay bars who was a man.


        • First, for your regular Joe idea, Shahrukh and Saif? And then, obviously, they both fall in love while on the India trip and Shahrukh has to deal with the lie that he is married, and Saif has to constantly change in and out of disguise and pretend to be his own twin sister?

          also, have you seen the play/movie Charlie’s Aunt? that might be a really good one to translate into an Indian film. 3 young male friends are living together. 2 of them are in love with 2 young women and have invited them over, planning to propose. Only their aunt who was supposed to chaperon can’t make it at the last minute, so instead the 3rd young man pretends to be the aunt, falls in love with the 3rd young woman who surprises them by showing up, etc. etc. You’d hardly have to change anything, two cousins in the city have arranged a meetings with their girlfriend’s family to arrange the engagement, but at the last minute the aunt who was supposed to represent their side of the family can’t make it, they have their friend dress up as her, the friend falls in love with the girlfriend’s cousin, lots of confusing and slamming doors and so on over the course of one very long afternoon. Essentially a Housefull movie, but with drag.

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          • I was thinking more like Arjun and Siddharth or Ranveer. At their age, for Saif and SRK something like this looks like bad judgment and lack of gravitas and a personality disorder.

            Although, they can do something serious and thoughtful like SRK has been living in drag for the past 20 years for a job! His family crisis had prompted him to dress up in drag because a great job opening for an office manager for he was very qualified had opened up but it was a position reserved for women only. So he borrows his sister’s salwaar suit and buys a wig (it was the 90s so the wacky hair wasn’t suspicious) and turns up to be so good at the job that he’s immediately hired.

            He lies to his family and says he works in a factory and that’s why there are smudges on his face occasionally. He gets married, has kids, lives a normal life outside of work. At work, it’s been 20 years and he’s been the most faithful assistant and his now widowed boss is falling in love with him and one day proposes marriage. SRK has responsibilities – his daughter’s college coming up, his parents’ old age, he has a younger brother who needs help every now and then, maybe a younger sister or wife with a medical condition. So quitting this job isn’t an option but neither is marrying the boss!


          • This is the best movie. Can we throw in that he gives his daughter wise advice on how to handle sexual harassment and be proud of herself at her first internship because he’s been there himself?

            Also, a surprise fight scene in drag? Like, the boss’ sleazy nephew comes in and finally goes too far and Shahrukh hits him? Like, he insults the nice old boss and explains that he is planning to trick him and then throw him out. Or, he misbehaves with one of the secretaries that Shahrukh has mentored and is proud of and cares for like another daughter.

            If there has to be a romance, I want it to be someone not from work or home, but from a third place. Like, the saleswoman at the store where he buys his clothes. He comes in as a woman and falls in love with her, and then comes back pretending to be his own brother to return the items as an excuse to talk to her, and back and forth. Until she walks in on him in a changing room at some point, after he has come in as a woman, and is shocked and upset.


          • Again, in any part of India, a man buying drag for himself wouldn’t be cause for alarm because of the hijra community. A man who frequents a ladies’ goods shop or a salon can always pretend to be a hijra and nobody would think anything of it. He’s actually not very hairy so he can just pretend to be a woman with masculine features and a slight facial hair issue.

            If he says he works in a factory, his family never needs to visit him at work. And he doesn’t need to bring work friends home. Besides, there’s this thing in India where you can say “I don’t like my male friends coming to my house because I have a younger sister” and it’s totally ok. It was really everywhere in the 90s too. None of my uncles’ friends were ever invited at home barring a few who had made the visit with their mothers.

            I like the bit where the absurdity of everyday sexual harassment and sexism gets highlighted when you have your hero in drag.


          • I’ve already recast Tootsie, haven’t I? That’s really the perfect drag movie. Well, the perfect movie in general, but also for how it handles drag.

            Can we have him make out with his love interest at some point while in drag? Because that’s kind of hot.


          • Thats a sexual minority film not a drag film. 😁

            You see here men have so much social power that they can get away with drag too.

            I was thinking more like his big secret hurts his family because of the lie and not the drag. I was thinking more like he’s into this with his BFF Rani Mukherjee. They were college besties, both named Surinder (she’s sikh so she’s Harinder Kaur and he’s Harinder Singh). She also wears drag, basically dresses up a sardar, because she loves cars and wants to run a garage. He uses her college documents to get a job and she uses his to set up her workshop. Background checks only went as far as checking up in their college and the principal had verified the presence of a Harinder Kaur in his batch and Harinder Singh in hers.

            She pretends to be his boyfriend and he pretends to be his wife at her work. He also pretends to be his own brother so he can hang out at the garage with his ‘pal’ Harry Paaji (sardar Rani) He grows his hair long saying it’s a religious thing and she doesn’t need to cut her hair because she’s a sardar.

            He’s found out when the Arjun Kapoor, who’s the son of the ladies’ goods store lady where SRK shops, starts to work part time at the store. SRK doesn’t know this but he’s his daughter Alia’s coaching class buddy. He suspects the manly lady that shops at their store is Alia’s father and he connects the dots. He tells Alia who rubbishes it saying her father works at the garage (I’m changing it to garage because it makes more sense) and they do find him there too. But Arjun investigates further and eventually, there’s a big office party where SRK’s boss is about to propose to him and Rani in drag is there too and Arjun accuses SRK in drag of being a man and pulls his wig off, there are gasps all around and he is broken and humiliated but Alia slaps Arjun and tells him he had no right to do that and that she’d known about her father since she was a little girl and so did her family. They also knew about Rani but never said anything because they understood the sacrifice. Ultimately, SRK returns to the office as a man and Rani returns to the garage as a woman but she’s still called Harry Paaji. Moral of the story is that you’re more than your clothes the wear


          • All of this is wonderful. I especially like Rani as still being Harry Paaji. And I’d love it if the older staff members occasionally slip and refer to Shahrukh as “Auntie”, and it just makes him smile because he knows it is said with love.

            Oh oh!!! And can the office female staff who always saw Shahrukh as one of them still keep him as “one of them”? Heck, what if the reveal is at the interval, and the second half deals with the office men trying to make Shahrukh one of the boys, and the office ladies backing off from their friendships? And Shahrukh has to figure out who he is now, and that he isn’t a “man” just because now he is wearing trousers. And eventually he declares his loyalty to the female side of the office staff and rejects the male bonding being offered him.

            Heck, let’s go all the way! He stops wearing drag and at first feels free, but then starts to miss it, sneaks lipstick to feel pretty sometimes, secretly wears hose under his pants. And the “happy ending” is him sometimes coming to work in a sari and high heels and make-up, and sometimes in trousers and a turban, depending on how he feels that morning. and maintains friendships where he talks about make-up and romance with the women in the office, and sometimes plays cricket with the men. And everyone in the office just accepts it, because that’s who he is.


          • We don’t wear hose under our clothes 😛

            I think I’d want this to be a shorter film. Around 2 hours and 15 minutes. I’d want interval to be around Arjun finding definitive proof. The climax would be the last 15 minutes of the film and would feature reveal and immediate aftermath. The epilogue would feature an internal monologue plus montage from him where he says something like clothes are a functional necessity but who you are is what matters the most. It would feature him going from ladies’ salwar suit to punjabi kurta pajama with a Nehru jacket or a pathani suit (a nod to the near gender neutrality of our clothing culture) instead of trousers. He’d say something like after a lifetime of wearing comfortable clothing he finds trousers and ties stiff. His dual identity isn’t known to the world at large so when he’s in men’s clothing riding the metro, the security guy looks at him smile and nod as he walks past and responds but wonders if he knew the guy. He talks to babies in their mother’s arms on the metro as he did when he dressed as a woman and the response is the same. At the office, he gets addressed as ‘mam’ by accident and people apologise immediately when they do that but he smiles and tells people women get addressed as sir every now and then and they don’t mind so why should he mind being called mam.

            His boss always called him Harinder ji so there’s no weirdness in that sense. Since SRK has seen his boss’ life so intimately over the years, he tells him to try and resolve his issues with his wife saying something like he understood how his wife, a woman, had struggled to maintain her independent identity and he was wrong in holding on to his 90s ideas of what married women should do and not do.

            I think I like SRK giving social messages more than anything else. 😛


          • There is a genre of film that my friends and I refer to as “sexy social justice”. You know, like in Swades when Shahrukh is giving speeches about how girls should go to school too?

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  4. i think i’l choose this as my Favourite TGIF..not just because it is funny but also because you made a post in honour of your friend that says something..i know it is a little but wish her a Happy Birthday…Ram Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Ritiesh Deshmukh in Drag..sheesh i think i’m going to get nightmares


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