Bahubali Posts Index

I have written sooooooooo much on Bahubali, it’s kind of over-whelming.  So to make it easier, here is one page that lists out every post written.

Bahubali 1 reviews:

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Bahubali 2 news items:

First look post

Trailer post

News the day before release

Moment of release celebration

Box Office News

Bahubali 2 reviews;

Bahubali 2 Review (No Spoilers): B1 Was Just the Overture, This is the Real Film

Bahubali 2 Review (SPOILERS): A Saas-Bahu Drama in an Epic Setting

Podcast review

TGIF Silly Photo Posts:

TGIF: BAHUBALI!!!! (Prabhas)

TGIF: The Bahubali Cast Looking All Strange in Modern Clothes (Plus Friendly Appearance by Shahrukh!)

Fanfiction posts:

The Scenes that Are Missing from Bahubali 2

I Can’t Take the Sad Ending!  Here is a Better Option for Devasena and Bahubali and Avantika

What if “Dandaalayyaa” Had Lasted 20 Years?

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 1, A Secret Promise in Singapurum

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 2, Our Lovers Meet

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 3, Our Lovers Separate

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 4, A Villain Appears

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 5, A Kiss

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 6: A Conversation

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 7: A Murder!

A Romance for Devasena’s Daughter, Part 8: A Plot Fails

Scene by Scene Detailed Analysis Posts:

Part 1: Opening Credits

Part 2: Let’s Go on a Road Trip!

Part 3: Enter Anushka

Part 4: A Unique Romance

Part 5: The Love Triangle Begins

Part 6: Most Romantic Battle Scene Ever

Part 7: Things Start to go Terribly Wrong

Part 8: A Promise Lightly Given Has Consequences

Part 9: Flying Swan Boat!

Part 10: The Queen Mother Makes a Mistake

Part 11: It All Gets Very Bad

Part 12: Rana Speaks! And a Wedding

Part 13: The Unluckiest Part

Part 14: The Urge to Chop off Heads Must be Genetic

Part 15: Mahishmati “Justice” and “Dandaallayyaa”

Part 16: The Founding of a New Mahishmati

Part 17: The Sun Rises in the West

Part 18: A Short Sad Stab

Part 19: Oh Kattappa!

Part 20: The Last Sad Bit! Chekov’s Bow is Fired

Part 21: The Ending Approaches

Part 22: Does Anyone Remember Whose Head This Even Is?

Part 23: Anushka! MOVE YOURSELF!!!  DO SOMETHING!!!!

Part 24: Have None of These People Heard of an Amazing Invention Called THE LADDER???!?!?!?!?

Part 25: NASSAR!!!  Just DIE ALREADY!!!

Scene By Scene Part 26, The Ending! All Finished!

Bahubali 1 and 2 thematic discussions:

The Significance of Fire and Water or Why Prabhas 2 has Wet Hair and Prabhas 1 Has Fluffy Hair

Shakti and Shiva

Bahubali and Dharma

Sivagami and her Tragic Flaw

Shivudu, our “Hero”?

Avantika: Our Female Kattappa

Kattappa: Morally Crippled

Devasena: The Catalyst

Amarendra Bahubali: He Always Tries To Be Better


And Finally,

What Happened After the Happily Ever After?


(If you enjoy my Bahubali coverage and think it has value, here is a link to pay me for my work if you so choose)


59 thoughts on “Bahubali Posts Index

  1. I’m so happy you did this list, because only yesterday I finally watched Baahubali 1 and I had problem finding posts about it.


  2. Oh good, thank you for putting up this handy index, especially because it looks like the Tamil version of the full movie is up on Youtube legally, with English subtitles! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to go back and double-check most of those “I think this is what happened but I’m not sure” comments I threw up on a lot of the posts– but first, off to read the update for the next generation fanfic, hooray!

    (Also, definitely didn’t miss that sneak peek at the next theme post. Very excited! )


    • Next theme post, already written, scheduled for tomorrow I think. Just didn’t want to come all the way back and update it again when I had the link ready to go 🙂

      On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 5:12 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I started watching The conclusion on youtube, with subtitles, after Avani wrote it’s available, but it was so slow (because on sunday internet is always slower), and I thought that I wil finish it today, only to discover that it’s no more 😦 And I stopped in the most interesting part – when Rana sees Anushka’s portrait and decides he want marry her. I wanna know what happens next.


        • Oh how frustrating! Well, I am sure illegal versions will continue popping up on youtube for the foreseeable future, if you just keep looking for them.

          On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 2:11 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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