Sanjay Dutt Part 6, Terrorism and Disruptive Activities

In honor of the release of Sanju today, I am reposting my entire series on Sanjay Dutt.  If you can’t wait for the reposts, you can find the original posts in the index here.

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Hindi Film 101: Sanjay Dutt Part 6, Terrorism and Disruptive Activities

Okay, this is the big post!  The one where I try to dig into his 1993 arrest for terrorism and where it came from and what it all meant. (full index of Hindi 101 posts including the other Sanjay posts here)

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Hindi Film 101: Bombay and Crime and Films, Part 2

Happy Tuesday!  Time to finish off my posts on Crime and Film (first post here).  And if I end up mysteriously disappearing, or randomly shot in a drive-by, you will know why!  But it probably won’t happen.  Although my new apartment is in the neighborhood of the American headquarters for D-Company….Oh well, it will probably be fine.

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