TGIF Update: Oops! I missed one face and one torso, so the post was impossible. Fixed Now

Do you know how hard it is to count to 10?  SO HARD.  Sometimes, you end up counting to 11 by accident.  Anyway, the TGIF post is now fixed and it should be muuuuuuuch easier to figure out now. Here it is if you want to try again


It’s the Season of Giving! Consider Giving Me an Annual Christmas Bonus!

It’s that time again, the time I remind everyone that it is a good thing to tip people who provide a service, even if that service is writing on the internet.  Think of it this month as giving me a Christmas bonus.  I provide a service all year, you can give me a special gift just this once.


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Saturday Small Talk! You Should All Catch Up on Yesterday’s Posts!

Happy Saturday!  I get to sleep in, then do laundry, then go over to my friend-with-a-baby’s house and watch a movie with her and Baby, and then come home and go to bed early so I will be ready to lead a really tricky meeting on Sunday (I get to lead an open conversation about race between 5 white people, and then break the news I am leaving the committee because I am donezo)

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FanFic From the Comments! Middle-aged Married Rani-SRK Rediscover Their Spark on a Couple’s Trip to Europe

I love FanFic from the comments! Partly because it is always more fun when it is written as a collaboration, partly because it means I know at least one person will be interested in reading it. Although really, you should all read it.  Not all my FanFics are good, but this is a really really good one.

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Friday Classics: Akaash Vani, the Movie I Have Been Waiting For

TRIGGER WARNING. This film has the most accurate evocation of rape I have seen in, like, ever.  Not dramatic or exciting, just painful and miserable and shameful.  And done by your own intimate partner.  So, don’t watch it if you can’t get past that.  But DO watch it if you want to see a hopeful consideration of how someone can survive such an experience.  And either way, READ THE SPOILERS.  In this case, they won’t ruin the movie for you, and they will give you a lot to think and talk about.

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Ten Indian Films to Start Feminist Discussions!

This is NOT “Ten Feminist Films”, because that’s a wee bit subjective.  And it’s also NOT “Top Ten”, because that’s a way bit subjective.  Instead, these are just ten films that bring up interesting discussions around gender.  If you ever want to have a real downer of a movie night, you can show these and then make people discuss.  Feel free to add on your own options both for films and discussion questions in the comments!!

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News Round-Up: Prerna Arora is in Jail, Manikarnika is still in Post-Production, Janhvi Kapoor is in a Helicopter?

Happy news round-up day!  I mostly just want to talk about Prenaa Arora, because I love talking about her.  And I want you all’s (y’all’s?  y’alls?) opinion on it.  But there’s also another fun “Manikarnika is a disaster from which none of us can escape” quote from set, and a “oh Karan, don’t even pretend this isn’t nepotism” story about Janhvi.

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