TGIT Post RePost: An Important Question to Consider on this Thanksgiving Week-What Indian Man Looks Best in Blue Jeans? SRK or Salman or Maddy or John?

I put up a deep philosophical post about the Ramayan this morning.  But enough of that!  There are more important things to think about!  And so I am re-posting my massive carefully considered and in depth discussion of which Indian man looks best in blue jeans.  Answer: Probably either Maddy or John Abraham.

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Hindi Film 101: The Mahabharat and the Ramayan Part 2, It’s All About the Questions Without Answers

I want to clarify, I am in no way a religious scholar or even just a regular average Hindu.  This is the story and philosophy at the most basic level as I have gleaned it through reading various simple versions of the text, and seeing how it played out in the lives of people I know and in the films.

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Silly Sunday: Juhi Chawla Hollywood Remake Options

Procrastinatrix inspired me, mentioning that Juhi reminds her of Judy Holliday and making me think how perfect a Bells Are Ringing remake with Juhi would be.  And then I started thinking about other remakes and how they would also be perfect.  Get ready for some very deep cuts of classic Hollywood, because Juhi really has a classic clever Hollywood Musical feel to her.

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Thanksgiving Day Review Announcement! Bucket List, Madhuri’s Marathi Film on Netflix, Mature Married Woman Deals With Sex, Friendship, Family

I am so happy this movie is on Netflix!  It is the mature woman movie we have been wanting, and it is also the perfect Thanksgiving film, about making time for self-care in the middle of caring for your family. (oh, and there are some clunky bits right at the beginning, ignore them and keep going)

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Hindi Film 101: The Basics of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan, Part 1

This was a request from Angie, to break down the essential elements of these stories and save you the effort of trying to research them yourself.  Obviously, if you are a desi person, you already know them more than well enough.  But if you are a non-desi, I can give you a sort of primer on them.

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Reminder to That I Am Alone and Honest on The Internet, Which is a Difficult Thing to Be, So Please Stand By Me and Help Promote Me

Yes yes, more guilt!  Sorry, guilt works.

I have no corporate sponsor, or industry connections.  I don’t suck up and say nice things about movies so stars will retweet me, I don’t join in fan wars in order to get supporters and clicks.  I am scrupulously horribly dreadfully honest and alone.

So please, help me!  If you are on twitter, DON’T simply retweet me, far more effective to tweet a link to one of my articles with a personal comment from you about why you like it.  It takes more time, but people know it takes more time, and know that you must really mean it.

If you are active on any other sites or in any other communities, when you comment, GIVE ME CREDIT.  If you say “I think the action scenes in Thugs of Hindostan are poorly paced” add on “as Margaret explains in her blog”.  If you say “I think Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is a movie without any real heroes” add on “as said in this review link here”.  If you say “I think Kangana has erotomania” add on “as this article here argues”.

And most of all, don’t lie!!!!!  Everyone can tell if you lie, and it ruins the one thing I have going for me, which is that I am clearly transparently honest and unbiased.  If you don’t like something I wrote, if you just skimmed it and don’t like it, then don’t lie to The Internet and say you liked it and understood it.  The Internet can tell you aren’t telling the truth.  I try very hard to be honest, it’s a tribute to me if you are honest also, if you like something or agree with something, say so and link back to it; if you don’t like something I say, that’s okay too, say you don’t like it.

TGIF Birthday Repost: Things My Friend Likes

This weekend is both my father’s birthday (YAAAAY!) and my closest friends birthday.  Oh, and Mickey Mouse.  But I don’t know what he would like, so he doesn’t get a TGIF.  Anyway, in honor of my friend, I am reposting an updated version of last years “Things she likes” TGIF.  And also linking to her instagram account because it is all she ever asks for.  I don’t understand how this does anything, but fine, if she wants an instagram link I will give her one.  Link

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TGIF: Bachelors and Bachelorettes! Match Them Up or Pick One For Yourself!

This was VERY VERY difficult to research!!!!  Not as much information as I would wish on relationship status of the famous.  I decided not to include people who were married, or engaged, or in that all-but-engaged level like Rajkummar or Varun.  But just dating someone like Ranbir and Alia, fair game!  And I know I probably missed people (Arjun Rampal now divorced, Sushmita Sen never married, Tabu, etc). I am posting this earlier than the usual TGIF just so we all have time to make full careful considerations and decisions.

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Friday Classics: Raju Ban Gaye Gentleman, Shree 420 Meets the 90s

Yaaaay, another Shahrukh review!  See how I am sneaking them in under the guise of “Friday Classics” even now that Shahrukh Month is over?  Oh, and plus Juhi in a really nice role, for her birthday.  Although Aaina is a better Juhi movie, remember to watch it for this Sunday if at all possible!  It’s also a wonderful Amrita Singh movie, if this film makes you want more of her.

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Monthly Donation Reminder! Leave a Tip for Good Service

It’s that time again, the time I remind everyone that it is a good thing to tip people who provide a service, even if that service is writing on the internet.

You give a dollar to the barista who makes you coffee every day, you can give a dollar once a month for the person who entertains and informs you every day.

Now, if reading that above statement made you feel guilty, there is a simple solution.  Just give me a dollar through one of the options below, and then you can stop feeling guilty.

When you go to a restaurant, you leave the waitress a tip.  When you get delivery, you tip.  When you enjoy a street musician, you leave a little money.  Just because the service I provide is online doesn’t make it any less real

If you appreciate what I do, then leave a tip. If you don’t tip, I will assume you don’t appreciate it and stop writing.  That’s how the world works, money goes in and product comes out.

Now, if reading the above made you feel scared, there is an easy solution. Just give me a dollar through one of the options below, and then you can stop feeling scared.


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The Deepika-Ranveer Story! In Honor of Their Wedding, All the Different Ways They Reached the Same Place

I was going to make this a “Hindi Film 101” and then I thought “no, I don’t want to think that much or go so far in depth, I’ll just make this fun”.  So, FUN!!!  Be ready for that!

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Dhanak Review RePost for Children’s Day: Not Just For Shahrukh Fans, for Fans of Small Children and Blind Faith as Well!

I mostly watched Dhanak, because the one sentence description made me think it would be a good Shahrukh fan watch.  And it was, certainly.  He comes off very well in it.  But most of the movie is just about the two small children we are following, and their performances are so delightful, that’s what really makes the film.  If you have access to American Netflix, it is streaming now, and I highly recommend it.

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