Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week?

Happy Wednesday! This is the place to talk about how we are spending this very very snowy week. Or at least, snowy where I am.

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10 Films With Unofficial Surprise Marriages

Well, I’ve now moved out of the “genre recommendations” arena and into straight “what are fun tropes to list off”. But hey, I have to do something to kill time while all these patriotic movies I refuse to watch are releasing. Oh, and this post is littered with illegal youtube videos, so watch them FAST FAST FAST before they get pulled.

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FanFic, Just Because I Had a Hard Evening: Where The Boys Are, the Female Dil Chahta Hai We Have Been Wanting!

Weird full moon night here, one of those evenings when everything is just a bit strange. For instance, I spent 5 minutes in a traffic tangle in a parking lot that was finally resolved when I backed up onto a sidewalk so two other cars could get out. Anyway, I am finally home and tired and I am going to spoil myself by writing a movie that has been bouncing around in my head since I got lost down a George Hamilton wikipedia hole this afternoon.

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News Round-Up: Upcoming Films! Madhuri Goes Dhamaal, Aditya Goes Disha, Farah Goes Manushi, Begin Again Goes Desi, Pati Patni Aur Woh Goes Modern

Either there is always a lot of news on Mondays, or I am always catching up on all the news I missed over the weekend. Either way, here is a post!

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10 Indian Historical Films About the Quit India Movement

The history streak continues!!!! This time, focused on that early 1900s era right before independence. And I am pretty sure I can come up with a whole other 10 films. Also, prepare yourself for a whole lot of versions of “Rang De Basanti” (yes, according to contemporary accounts, Bhagat Singh did sing it while preparing to be hung) and “Vande Mataram”.

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10 Indian Historical Non-Epics Dramas

Writing the 10 Historic Epics post got me thinking about the movies that are set in the past, but not so they can do a big historical fight scene, more for purposes of putting this particular story in this particular time and place, whether it is a semi-fictional biography or a completely fictional invented story.

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10 Epic Indian Historical Films to Watch

Normally I do “10 films to watch once you finish the standard list”. But there are so few historical films from India, that I don’t think I could come up with 10 to recommend without dipping into the standard list. Plus, everyone should watch Mughal-E-Azam, and that essentially IS the standard list.

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Ente Ummante Peru Review (No Spoilers): Tovino is a Sweet Muscular Gummy Bear

This was a random impulse. No new Hindi film was playing this week, I was planning to see the NTR film but then a big snowstorm came up so I wanted to get home earlier and this film was playing at 5:15. Anyway, so glad I saw it!

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Thursday Telugu Review: Magadheera! Ram Charan’s Hair is Soooooooo Pretty

I watched Magadheera last night with a baby, her Grandpa, and her Mom. And we all agreed that Ram Charan’s hair is the best part of the movie. Soooooooooo pretty. Well, I think the baby agreed, she said something like “ba ba ba BAAAA!” when I asked her, and I am taking that for agreement.

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Happy Birthday Javed Akhtar!!! 25 Reasons I Love You

It’s Javed Akhtar’s birthday today and I love him, both as a scriptwriter and a lyricist.  I am going to try to limit myself to 25 reasons I love him, one for every film he wrote with Salim Khan, plus a bonus just for being him.  And I’m going to include quotes from his Salim-Javed films, because although they were both credited, it’s generally believed that Javed wrote more of the dialogue.

(This is an updated and re-posted post)

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Upcoming Non-Hindi Movies!!! Prime Series and Malayalam Excitement!

Well, this is a sign! I am excited about two upcoming things, and neither of them are traditional Hindi theatrical releases. Not only that, both of them were tweeted/promoted by mainstream Hindi film people, so the industry is paying more attention outside of Hindi theatrical releases too.

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Make It Your New Year’s Resolution to Help Grow My Readership!

Yes yes, it is that fun time again!  The time for you to read/ignore the monthly reminder to promote me.

If you want to start the year off right by paying back your Karmic debt to me, tweet my posts to your friends, or mention me in comments on other sites, or recommend me to podcasters/bloggers/professional writers/editors/whoever you may know.  I’m bad/unlucky at this kind of thing, so I really need help through personal introductions.

Most of you enjoyed my writing for all of 2018 without doing anything to promote me. Turn over a new leaf in 2019!!!! Spread the word about my blog and pay me back a little bit for all I do to entertain you.