Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Full Summary!!! Part 1 of ?

I’m just assuming this is going to turn into multiple parts.  Shivaay I’m going to knock out in one looooooooooong post, but this movie is a lot more interesting than that one.  If you aren’t down for a detailed shot by shot moment by moment discussion, you can check out my quick spoiler review and No Spoilers review I already wrote for ADHM.

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Happy Halloween!!!

You ready to get spooooooooooky?  Well, kind of.  I can’t really think of many super scary Indian films.  Partly because I just don’t like scary/horror films.  And I already blew my idea for a post on not-so-scary songs that I just really like from bad horror movies back on Friday the 13th. I know there are a lot of them, especially in the last few years, but I don’t really watch them.  So let’s see what I can do with what I have.

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil NO SPOILERS Review

I put up my Spoilers review first, for once, because I wanted a place for people who had already seen the movie to discuss it.  But now it’s time for a review for people who haven’t seen the movie yet, and are curious what other people think about it.  But NO SPOILERS.  Because the plot is very carefully constructed to build point to point, and if you do decide to see the movie, you should try to go in fresh.

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil SPOILER Review: Seriously, Don’t Read if You Haven’t Seen, the Ending Should Surprise You

Normally I’m not that careful about spoilers on this blog.  I flag them when I put them into a post, I put up spoiler and non-spoiler reviews, but I don’t care if you read the spoiler review before you see the movie, or if you put a spoil in a comment, or whatever.  However, in this case, I’d like to try to keep the experience that Karan carefully crafted for the audience.  So I’m putting up this review early, so everyone who has seen it has a place to think about and talk about the film as a whole.  And then the other review will be for people who haven’t seen the movie yet, but are planning to.

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Tata Family Saga in Filmi Terms

Okay, I finally gave in and actually clicked on one of those articles about the Tata Company implosion.  And then I had to go back to my old friend wikipedia to confirm what I thought I remembered, that this is all a bit of a family feud.  And yep!  Everyone is related!  MESSY!

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OK Kanmani: Seriously, How Will this Work in a Different Language?

I watched this movie months and months ago when it first arrived on American Netflix, but that was before I was blogging seriously so I didn’t pay very close attention.  I wanted to watch it again, now that the remake will be releasing soon (January 13th), and think about how this film could possibly be remade.

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Happy 7 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

My 7 favorite Shahrukh co-stars!  Obviously, you know who number one is.  But the others may surprise you! (I’ve been doing this for 9 days now, 16 favorite films here, 15 favorite fanvids here, 14 favorite pictures here, 13 sad facts here, 12 happy facts here, 11 best films here, 10 best quotes here, 9 best performances here, 8 best ads here)

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Live in Alabama? Mail in your Registration form TODAY!!!!

The mail in registration form must be received by 11 days before the election.  Or, in other words, this Saturday.  So, fill out the form and mail it in TODAY!!!  Follow this link for directions.

(as with all these posts, please PLEASE follow the link, even if you think you may have missed your state deadline, I could have miss-counted the days or there could be a loophole that will let you register after all!!!)

Weekend Box Office: Hilariously Bad

It’s been a bad fall.  Because, as my continuing series of posts indicates, the industry is STUPID.  Constantly giving too much money and screens to big dumb films, and not enough money and screens to small smart films.  But this weekend is so bad, it’s just funny!

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Geethanjali: Not a Story about Death, or a Story about Life, but a Story about Love

Mani Ratnam strikes again!  Another great romance with a complicated heroine and interesting supportive hero. Oh, and I am going to assume for this entire review that you at least know the big thing that is revealed 10 minutes into the film, so if you are obsessive about SPOILERS and don’t even want to know that, DON’T READ ANY MORE!!!  But if you are fine with the 10 minute in reveal, but want to be protected from what happens in the remaining 113 minutes, keep going until the usual SPOILER marker.

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Have I mentioned I’m a Cubs Fan?

So, slightly slowing on the watching/writing about new movies this week, since all my evenings are devoted to the World Series.  I’m not much of a Cubs fan, more as a kind of family tradition (4th generation! On both sides!) than as a thing I enjoy.  But I do make a point of watching/listening to every game if they make it to post-season.  Which has only happened 4 times in my lifetime, so it’s not a real big commitment.

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Kaabil Trailer: Isn’t it Kind of a Waste for Hrithik to be Married to a Blind Woman?

Kaabil trailer!  I would say “hey!  What’s with all the trailers this week?”  But I know what’s with all the trailers, they are coming out a couple of days before the Diwale releases, so there will be buzz and excitement to see them on the big screen attached to the big Diwale releases.

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