Discussion Post: What Are Indian Movie Songs That Work Best Out of Context?

Follow up to yesterday’s post on songs that work in context, what are ones that work best out of context? That are creepy, or funny, or just illogical if you see them in the movie, but if you watch them without the movie surrounding them, are delightful on their own?

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Wednesday Malayalam ReRun: More Shane Nigam! C/O Saira Banu, where he takes a backseat to Manju Warrier

All Hail Hotstar!!!  Greatest Website/App/Alternative media source in The World!!!!  I picked this film basically at random out of the almost a thousand options available to me.  Because I vaguely remembered hearing it was good plus, Manju Warrior!!!  And it is good!  And it is Manju Warrior, like ALL Manju Warrior!  Her character is the whole film.

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Wednesday Malayalam ReRun: Shane Nigam Day! In Honor of Kumbalangi Nights, My 3 Other Shane Reviews Starting With Kismath

I really liked Shane Nigam in Kumbalangi Nights. The other actors were good, but as good as I expected them to be, Shane impressed me because I have seen him grow film to film. So I thought I should repost reviews of those old films so we can think back together on how he has improved by leaps and bounds as an actor.

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Upcoming Movie Reviews: Dhoom Week! I’m Doing All 3 Next Week!!!!

My thought process went “I need to take vitamin D-should I take the D2 or the D3 compound?-ha! ‘D3’ and ‘D2’! That sounds like the Dhoom movies!-wait a minute, those films would be perfect pick me ups while I am in winter and needing more sunshine-I haven’t reviewed any of them! I should do them all in a row and have a marathon!” So, here we are, I am scheduling a marathon. Next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, a new Dhoom movie reviewed every day.

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A Dozen Salman Khan Films Outside the Standard List

This is HARD! Salman’s filmography is so vast, and the “standard list” so small, that almost everything he made falls outside of it. Especially the way he reinvents himself every few years making his “standard” films a complete different collection. Anyway, I look forward to lively discussion as we all fight about where Lucky: No Time for Love should be!

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Monday Malayalam: Kumbalangi Nights, The Freedom of the Outcasts

I saw it! Thanks to all of you telling me I had to! And there are some truly beautiful moments. But it’s also very Malayalam, isn’t it? Any other film industry, this would be a tragic gritty story. Malayalam industry, it’s feel good!

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I’m So Cold!!!! How About Some Hot Songs to Warm Me Up?

Long story short, still no dog! But I got to spend a fun 10 hours driving literally all over the city to church, the pound, a series of adoption events, and finally the movie. And then milk on the way home. But because I was planning on getting a dog, I dressed up for the dog, and it is way WAY too cold for a dress today. And now I am still completely freezing even after being home for 20 minutes. So, time to pull out some hot songs to warm me up!

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Plan for the Day!!!!

Okay, thanks to the late night burst of interest, I have to see Kumbalingi Nights. Part of the reason I wasn’t planning to is that the last 3 times I made an effort to see a Malayalam film in theaters, no one was able to see it and discuss on the review, but I guess that’s not a problem this time! But this means my day suddenly becomes quite complex. Let me see if I can lay it out for you.

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Hindi Film 101: Hegemony, Politics, and Star Studies, or the Strange Case of Shahrukh Khan

Ready to get a whole bunch of media theory dropped on you? Fun fun fun!!!! Oh well, there’s a good bit about Shahrukh too, so that’s a good time. And hopefully this is more of a “thank you, I could feel that happening but couldn’t articulate it” post and less of a “well, that’s depressing, I had no idea” post.

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Friday Classics: Hum-Tum! A Couple that DOES NOT Fall in Love At First Sight

This is a movie that came out right when I was first getting in to Indian film, and I really liked it. It hasn’t held up super well as the years have gone by, but it is still fun and the central performances are still great. Even if the ending is a wee bit silly.

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