Bahubali Fanfic Part 6: A Conversation

I am almost done with the official Bahubali novel, and I have to say, my fanfic matches my feeling for the films much better than the novels.  I’m not saying it is better objectively, just that the things I liked from the films (strong characters, moral quandaries, a magical world, romantic love) are what I am playing around with in my fanfic, while the “real” novels are playing around with some whole other thing (it’s like the movies, but with sex!  Lots and lots of graphic boring sex!  And child killings) (full index of Bahubali posts, including the rest of the fanfic, here)

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TGIF: In Honor of the 4th of July, I Declare Independence….From Clothes! (NSFW)

I was going to do something slightly more highbrow.  Indian movie stars with the American flag or something.  But then I thought “No!  Why overthink it?”  And so our theme for this week is a Declaration of Independence….from clothing!

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Friday Classics: Sujata, What is in Our Blood?

This took an interesting turn!  I wanted to talk about Sujata and caste in India, and I ended up spending a lot of time talking about race in America.  Because, in the end, they are both about social illusions we have been trained to accept, which can be broken by something as simple as hearing a baby’s cry.

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Bahubali Theme Post: Avantika! Our Female Kattappa

I’m just cruising along with these character posts!  Partly because, as I said before, they are more sort of discussion starts than the end all-be all.  Every single moment of character development has been covered in the scene by scene posts, this is just gathering together some of the more interesting thoughts in one place. (full index of all Bahubali posts, including the other character posts, available here)

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New Trailers! Jagga Jasoos, Mom, Mubarakan, Partition 1947: Guess Which One I am Most Interested In?

Well, Karan Johar is tweeting about it, so that means it must be news.  Fine!  I will talk about the new Jagga Jasoos trailer!  And then as a reward for my good behavior, I will talk about the trailers I actually like.

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Hindi Film 101: Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 3, The Emergency and Sanjay

Did anyone notice I skipped Hindi Film 101 on Tuesday?  These loooooooong posts take a long time to write, and in the meantime I am missing reporting on trailers, news stories, box office.  So I am trying to find a better balance, and since Hindi Film 101 is the least read of them all (then DDLJ posts, then Sunday Speculative. Monday Malayalam and Tuesday Telugu/Tamil, so long as I write about newer movies, do really well.  No one reads about the K. Balachander films), it is getting the axe.  Well, the half axe, I’m still doing it on Thursdays. (last Nehru-Gandhi post here)

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DDLJ Part 22: Marriage Vows Are Taken, and Kajol Makes a Radical Statement

Welcome back to DDLJ!  I’m going to try my best to put up a post every Wednesday, we’ll see how I do.  I already had to stop my box office posts when I got regular with Hindi Film 101, this may mean the end of birthday and/or trailer news posts.  I’ll check viewership and see what the concensus is as to which are more important and based on that I may need to take another DDLJ break at some point. (All DDLJ posts indexed here)

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Tuesday Telugu: Aarya 2, A Brilliant Statement on Movies On Top of a Subtle Love Story

Happy Tuesday!  A fun movie to talk about this week, one that was recommended to me ages ago and I am just now getting around to thanks to Moviemavengal reminding me about it. (I know the two films aren’t really related, but if you want to see my review of Aarya 1, it is here)

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Bahubali Fanfic Part 5: A Kiss!

Welcome back to my fanfic!  I am having way more fun writing this than my “real” posts, the bread and butter ones that keep my viewership up.  Oh well, I might as well treat myself, what does it hurt? (my loyal readers who want analysis!  that’s who. Sorry!  I will try to do better) (full index of Bahubali posts here)

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Happy Birthday RD Burman! The Greatest Composer Until Rahman

Now, on Rahman’s birthday, I will call him “the Greatest Composer Since RD Burman” and it will be an equal compliment.  The two of them are up there, all by themselves, on the list of popular film composers.  For his birthday, I will give you 55 reasons to love him (mostly songs)

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Monday Malayalam: Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street, A Movie to Sit With For a While

I fell behind this weekend, and now I have to write my Monday post seconds after finishing the movie.  Which is really too bad, because this is a film that really needs you to sit with it for a while before you are ready to talk about it.

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Trailers! Southern Trailers! I May Have To Spend $$$$$ and See These in Theaters

I don’t have a super lot to say about these trailers, but I am really hoping that you do!  Because I need to learn more about these movies and decide if it is worth it to go see them in theaters.  Because, you know, Tamil/Telugu movie tickets are big bucks!

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Eid Mubarak! A Selection of Songs

Good news!  I found a post I did for Eid last year, so I can join in the celebrations after all.  Better late than never.  As I said last year, I am 95% sure all these songs are appropriate.  But if a miss-translated a lyric or something, and one of them is more secular than religious, let me know right away so I can pull it out of a post where it doesn’t belong.

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: Pride Themed! (of course) Movies for LGBTQA&H!

You understand that I mean “gay” as a genre, not an insult, right?  Kind of horrible that I have to make that clarification.  There used to be a movie store in the gay neighborhood of my city that had a series of shelves called “Neighborhood Favorites”.  Which was their little pseudonym for movies with same sex romantic plot lines.  So maybe I should say that instead, all the Khans, plus Amitabh, should be in “neighborhood favorite” movies.

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Happy Pride! My Annual Slashfic celebration

Happy Pride!  For once I am NOT in charge of the service at my church, which is around the corner from the parade (our kids have a lemonade stand out front, we rake in the money), so I do not have to go down to the loud crowded hot unpleasant parade area.  Instead I get to celebrate by reposting the same fanvid post I put up last year.  Thank you slashfic fanvid makers!  You are just the best people, and on Pride Sunday, I salute you!

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25 of My Best SRK Memories for 25 Years of SRK

Kepzandme alerted me to it being SRK’s 25th anniversary in films today, 25 years since Deewana came out.  I am sure everyone in the world is doing 25 songs, 25 scenes, 25 films, kind of posts.  I’m not going to bother trying to add to that.  Instead, I will do something only I can do, and put in my personal 25 best memories, in no particular order.

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Tubelight Review (No Spoilers): Not a Good Movie

The title really says it all.  If you are wondering whether you might want to see this movie, you don’t.  It is not a good film.  If you want me to talk more about how it is not good with spoilers, you can read the other review.  If you want me to talk more about how it is not good without spoilers, you can read on.

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