Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Exactly One Week Before Shahrukh’s Birthday?

Happy Monday! I had to get up and out the door before 7am to move the goshdarn car. Next weekend I am tempted to have my parents pick me up and drive me back because it is just SUCH a hassle finding parking by them! Why do they have to live in such a hip happening cool city neighborhood?

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Make Bread and Binge Watch TV Shows!

Happy Saturday! I have big plans today, to do NOTHING!!! Last Saturday I ran a million errands and was extremely productive (took my car in, got a flu shot, went to the library, and brought in a strap to a shoe repair place). This Saturday I did our morning watchalong then drove over to pick up the strap at the shoe repair place and now I am DONE.

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