Sridevi Update: Everyone Pulls Together

This is the second part of the story that always happens.  After the twitter messages, the personal visits start, and the stories of people comforting or helping directly.  And then tomorrow (probably) will be the final story, the funeral and wake.  At which we will see what public statements are made by who attends and how.  Well, not quite the final story.  It doesn’t end with the funeral.  These bonds we are seeing now aren’t just for show, they will be followed up by serious commitments and lifelong support in Sridevi’s memory for the people she left behind.

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Sridevi’s Death: Twitter and Other Reverberations

And now the tweets have started.  Which is expected.  Always the first reaction after a death.  In this case, they are interestingly similar and interestingly wide-ranging.

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Happy Shahid Day! Dil Maange More, on Netflix So You Can Celebrate With Me!

Shahid doesn’t really deserve a “day”, but my weekend is INSANELY busy this week, so I can’t write anything new, and his birthday is tomorrow, so it seemed appropriate to add him to my actor’s index list.  Heck, maybe now that Padmavat has taken off, he will finally reach the top of the industry and have the career he always promised to have but never quite achieved.

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Shahrukh Hardtalk Interview, I Finally Got Around To Watching It!

Well, that was frustrating!  Is this what TV interviews are like?  Blech!!!!!  No wonder I never watch them.  Not even getting into specifics of this interview, just this strange sort of “gotcha” style of question and then not letting the interviewee actually answer, drove me crazy!!!!!  Why ask him a question if you aren’t going to let him talk and then respond?

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Breathe Amazon Series Final 2 Episodes! (SPOILERS): We End With Hope and a Hero

And we are at an end!  No more charming-but-murderous Maddy, no more troubled-but-reliable Amit, no more police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  Well, unless you want to watch one of the many many movies that involve police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  I recommend Talaash! (part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here) Continue reading