I Have a Mature Love Story Idea for SRK, Or Ranveer-Dips!!!

My parents made me watch a movie from their Youth last night and gosh darn it, I liked it. I resent it so much when my parents make me watch things and then I like them. Also, hummus. I was perfectly happy not liking hummus without tasting it until they made me taste it. Anyway, the movie is Starting Over and it’s a really simple idea of a man trying to figure out his life post-divorce.

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Die of Heat Stroke!

Happy Saturday! I started the day by watching The Birdcage with Genevieve which was DELIGHTFUL and y’all missed out by skipping it. Next week, I promise we will go back to Indian movies like usual. And now, I shall finish packing and cleaning the apartment in 90 degree weather without an air-conditioner (because it is packed). If you don’t hear from me again, I died of heatstroke.

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