Zero Posters!!!!!

Well, I’ve hurt Shahrukh by not doing a full real Shahrukh Month celebration, and now he is posting posters right after I get off twitter and go to work.  I’m sorry Shahrukh!!!!  I still love you!  Anyway, I will try to make up for it by giving this poster it’s very own post.

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Shahrukh Birthday Month Post: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Review, Shahrukh’s Love Defeats Amitabh’s Hate (Again)

Our last Shahrukh Month Review!  So SAD!!!! There is still Jab Harry Met Sejal Day to look forward to on Sunday, but that won’t be a “new” movie to the blog. Oh well, there’s always the much less important holiday seasons of Diwali and Christmas to look forward to once Shahrukh Month is over.

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Wednesday Watching Post/Happy Halloween! What Spooooooky Things Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening To This Week?

Happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe I’m not even halfway through this week.  I think either we need to lose a whole bunch of clients or my boss has to hire another person to help me.  Thank goodness I have Shahrukh’s Birthday to look forward to on Friday and Jab Harry Met Sejal Day on Sunday.

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Happy Halloween!!!! Ghost Stories For Hindi Film! So, Romantic Ghost Stories!

Today was already a crazy day at work, and then the fire alarm went off and made it crazier.  So there is no way I will be able to write a substantive post today (especially since I still have to write tomorrow’s K3G review) and instead I am just going to repost some old Halloween content.  Halloween!  It’s a thing! Continue reading

Monday Classic: Band Baaja Baarat, the First of the New Wave of YRF Movies

Here’s a random review!  Shahrukh’s birthday/Diwali is not a good time to also have a series of work disasters.  So I am writing a review of an interesting movie that I watched ages ago and I know other people are really eager to discuss.

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Sunday ReRun: Daawat E Ishq, the Tragedy of the Father of the Bride

I would say “why didn’t anyone tell me how good this movie is?”, but then there have been people screaming at me in the comments to watch it for months now, so I can’t really say that.  Anyway, it’s good!  Really good!  Running Shaadi good (my gold standard for overlooked brilliant little rom-coms).

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Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: As a Fan, What Criticism of Shahrukh Makes you Most Angry?

I already did two posts on the criticisms I agree with (here and here).  This is Shahrukh month, so we aren’t going to deal with those.  Instead we are going to vent about the criticisms that tend to come up which are most unjustified, in this safe fan only space where we can all agree (or mostly agree) with each other.

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Shahrukh Birthday Month Songs Post: Best Dances!

We were talking in the Jab Tak Hai Jaan review about how “Ishq Shava” was such a different style of dance for Shahrukh and that got me thinking about the other songs that really showcase his dancing. If I miss one, feel free to add it in the comments.  Oh, and this is NOT “Best Songs”.  There’s all kind of amazing song sequences with perfect performances from him that are not included here, because they didn’t highlight dancing.

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Shahrukh Birthday Celebration Announcement! I am Rewatching JHMS on Sunday 11/4, Who Wants to Join Me?

This is a new thing, a kind of tweetalong/rerun/discussion thing.  I am going to repost the review, the index of scene by scenes, and a couple new discussion posts.  And I am also going to watch it and tweet along on Sunday afternoon if anyone wants to join in.  Tweetalong Starting at 2pm Chicago Time on 11/4, which is 3pm East Coast time, and 11am West Coast time.  And noon mountain, but I’m not sure I actually have any readers who are mountain time?  And other times in other places, but I will let you figure that out for yourself, international time zones are too confusing

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