Ponniyin Selvan 2 Review (SPOILERS): Well, That’s Not What the Summary of the Book Promised Me!

Hey! They changed the plot! Like, quite a bit! Mostly by cutting things out. But for those of us (me) who rely on online summaries to follow the dang thing, it was very confusing. Once I let go of what I thought was going to happen and just enjoyed what was happening, it was fine.

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Housekeeping Post: No WatchAlong Again, and Also No More Twitter Alerts Because Elon Musk Hates The World

Two weeks without watchalongs! Y’all HATE me!!! Or, more likely, it’s spring and everyone is rushing to do stuff. Including me, instead of watchalong I’m going to be repotting things. And in other news, if you rely on twitter to know when I put up a new post, that won’t work any more. WordPress had a twitter integration that meant they put up the tweet without me having to do anything. And I just got an alert that Elon has decided they no longer get to do that, so no more automated tweets with every new post. Just in case you are relying on that.

Polite Society Review (No Spoilers): Great Radical Feminist Girl Power Movie With a “Mard Dala” Scene!

Well, I loved it! And the friend I watched it with did not, felt like it was too try hard and not real enough. I’m counting on MOST of the DCIBers loving it though. Not everyone, because it is more on the lines of girl power comedy than sappy emotion, but a lot of you.

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Thinky Post: Forced Marriages and Abusive Youth Facilities and Stomach Sleeping Babies, At What Point Do You Blame the Parents?

This is a thinky post related to what happens when parents make bad decisions about who they trust with their children, and why they trust those people. So, watch out! For some of you parents, it may be a bit too scary/stressy to read. Or, maybe you are deeply thinking about this topic and are interested.

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Pakistani WatchAlong Take 2! Which Rom-Com Should We Watch and When?

Happy Thursday! It has been A Week, we couldn’t get the lawnmower started and I had to train a new person at work and all kinds of things. And what I really really want is to just relax and watch a nice brainless rom-com this weekend. Luckily, I still have the list from last week that we couldn’t do because no one was available!

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I MAYBE Get a Sink Installed?

Happy Monday! Today, for the 3rd time, the same fixit lady has come out to try to install a sink for me. First time, not all the parts shipped together. Second time, delayed in shipping but I still had her remove the old one. This time, not really the right size but we are going to make it work because I am SICK of not having a sink!!! (Update as I am writing this, just learned the drain pipe literally rotted through so this job is more complicated)

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Sunday WatchAlong: Ek Villain 2!!! For ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Yes, it’s ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY again!!! So we get to watch a movie with a nice fluffy Arjun Kapoor in it, and even if she can’t attend, she can read all our comments later saying “he shouldn’t be that charismatic, but he IS!” Oh, and it’s on Netflix, so that’s nice and easy.

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