Sunday ReRun: Fan! Yash Raj’s Riskiest Movie

This is honestly such a brilliant movie. I would recommend it to anyone, that is, anyone who was serious about film and popular culture. It’s not a “fun” watch, but it is a challenging and ultimately rewarding watch.

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News Post: The Whole Ananya Panday Scandal is SOOOOOO High School!!!

Prepare yourself, I am going to puncture this nice juicy exciting story like a souffle and make the whole thing just turn into “oh, that’s boring now”. It’s what I do! To be practical and grounded and unemotional and kill all drama.

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Silly Sunday FanFic in Search of an Ending: Cheeky Shahrukh Age Gap Romance, Fun Ranveer Mistaken Identity Romance, Help Me Solve This!

I mostly have these worked out. No clever dialogue details or stuff this time around, but the broad strokes are there. Except the end! I have such cute plot ideas based on cute American movies, but I don’t know how to end them. I’ve caught the Karan Johar bad ending disease. Help! I’m tempted to just give all the heroine’s cancer or bring in Salman to give a looooong speech and call it a day.

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Saturday Small Talk: Lots of Little Stories, Divorce and Injury and New Business!

This is the News Round-Up post I was going to put up yesterday, but then I did a silly TGIF instead. But now we can talk about it all Saturday! And I can do a bunch of tiny Saturday reports on news stories that aren’t important enough for a real post!

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Hindi Film 101 on Rape and Laws/News Round-Up Part 1: Court Cases! Rape and Fraud, and Blackbucks

So many news stories today! I’m gonna start with the two big think-y ones, the ones with massive legal implications, a rape case of a minor actor/band member (trust me, you haven’t heard of him and will have no emotional response because of fandom), and the same old Blackbuck case. And after I get this long deep boring post out of the way, I will move on to Imraan Khan getting divorced and fun stuff like that.

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Vital Question: Which is the Sexiest Shahrukh Song?

I suspect some of you will have STRONG OPINIONS on this question. I also feel like maybe I have done this post before? Or something similar? Anyway, it is a vital question that deserves constant revisiting and revising. And since tastes differ, it is also a question that should spark some interesting and enlightening discussion!

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Sexy Sex Sex! In Hindi Film, Songs in Which Sexual Acts Outside of Procreation Are Implied

I just put up a post about kissing onscreen, and a comment from Alisa/BollywoodNewbie got me thinking about how maybe the reason kisses are so shocking is because they are the one act everyone understands. While all the other stuff that is just implied goes right over people’s heads. Not “against the grain” things, but things that have no logical explanation beyond sex, and imply sex which is not procreational and married and in the missionary position.

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On Screen Kisses Discussion Post: When Do We Like Them, When Do We Hate Them?

Thanks for Catherine (by the way, Catherine, I owe you a greeting card! Email me your address and I will send it off) and Whitney bringing this up in the comments because I think it is a super interesting topic to consider, especially in the Indian context.

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Aditya Chopra Birthday Post! Pick Your Favorite Yash Raj Movie Part 1, Mere Shaadi to Bachne Ae Haseeno

Ready for me to be lazy? All I’m gonna do is list off all the Yash Raj movies produced since Aditya took control. And then you can pick your favorite. And maybe I’ll review it or something. And I am going to start with the first era of YRF under Aditya, 2002 when he took control and started cranking out multiple films a year (instead of his father’s system of one film every few years), to 2008 when he started having multiple flops a year and decided to re-tool.

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Hindi Film 101: Salman, Aishwarya, Viviek, Primary Source Original Statements 2003

I guess Viviek just did another scummy thing using the Aish-Salman story? Not surprising, he has been breaking boundaries and making public what should be private for the past 16 years. The Viviek press conference was the start of the road that lead to what we have now with Kangana spewing hate at the world and the media gobbling it up, and believing it. NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS: This post is purposefully about 2003 and the aftermath. So ideally, any comments will place the whole situation in context of the original situation, Viviek and Salman and Aishwarya, the media, private and public divides, and abuse.

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Blog Updates! Film Review List Is Now Up to Date, So is the Hindi Film 101 List, and Shahrukh Letterman Post Has Loads of Fun Details!

I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing, both my kitchen and the blog. And I want you to see and appreciate what I did! Well, not my kitchen, it’s still not that great. But the blog stuff, YES! Most especially, there’s a reason the “Shahrukh on Letterman” post is at the top of the homepage, it’s really cool! And Updated as of this afternoon. Check it out!

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