Deadpool: I Identified the Other Hindi Song!

Well, “identified”.  In case you don’t remember, at the end of the film, the cab driver Dopinder who was listening to the Shree 420 song at the beginning comes back at the end and is listening to another song that isn’t nearly as familiar (well, what is as familiar as “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”?  When I was writing my thesis, I read an article that claims you just need to listen to it once to understand all of Indian film).  I was hoping I would be able to indentify the other song just by listening, but no luck!  So I cheated and just stayed all the way through the end credits until I saw the name of the other song.

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Deadpool Going After Indian Market? Last Weekend’s Box Office for Fitoor, Deadpool, and Sanam Re

I still haven’t seen Deadpool, because I am swamped by Malayalam films.  I wasn’t sure if I ever would bother with it, at least before it hit DVD.  But then moviemavengal told me it uses an Indian song in the opening scene, and I was all in!

That also made me check out how it is doing in the Indian box office, just in case that Indian scored opening was part of a move on the Indian market.

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