DCIB Book Club: Just Jennifer, 1940s America Family Romance, Discussion March 6th!

This is a bit of an off one, and I will be curious how many of you bother to read it. It’s short and easy, should only take you maybe 3 hours. You probably can’t get it from your library, but you can buy it on kindle or order it. And it’s such an interesting oddity I just want to share it with others.

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Discussion Post: What Is Your Favorite Children’s Series (If You Tell Me, I May Review it!)?

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much only read children’s books. And romances and mysteries. I minored in English in college and read a fair number of “real” books, and then I graduated and could read whatever I wanted and decided that about age 14 is the reading level that makes me happy. Reading should be fun! I don’t want to read An Unsuitable Boy, I want to read Betsy-Tacy! Anyway, tell me your favorite children’s books that you read as a kid/read to your kids/read now as an adult because reading has no rules.

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