Hindi Film 101: Sanjay Dutt, Part 9, Sanju Baba Comes Home

I think this is going to be the last part.  The problem is, the more recent parts of Sanjay’s life don’t have the distance yet for them to be covered clearly.  There’s little details, like him running the prison radio show, or Trishala calling him “Papa Dukes” on instagram, but the whole broad sweep of it isn’t clear yet.  So I want to talk a little about Sanjay the person, who he is to those who know him, and leave it at that. (Hindi Film 101 index, including the other parts of the Sanjay story, here)

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Congrats, Sanjay! Here Are 6 Reasons I am Happy You are Free!

Big news that is dominating the Indian film media today, SANJU BABA IS FINALLY OUT OF JAIL!!!  After almost 3 years in jail, plus 18 months served back in the 90s, Sanjay Dutt is finally free of court cases and punishment and anything else!  There has been so much coverage, that I really can’t do it all justice.  So instead, I’ll just pick a couple of cool things that were reported, and then give the 6 reasons that I, personally, am glad he is out.

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