Saturday Small Talk/National Film Awards

Happy Saturday! I was up way too late last night after the movie, and I didn’t even finish my reviews yet. But today I am going to be all productive and write lots and lots of stuff.

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Discussion Post (News Snippet): National Award Walkout

I don’t want to talk about this news story in depth just yet, because it feels like there is going to be more to it that hasn’t come out yet and I am waiting for that.  But I also don’t want to miss out on your thoughts and opinions, and possible knowledge of what I am missing, so I will put this up for us to use for discussion and then a “real” post possibly in couple of days when it has played out more.

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National Awards: Do I Even Have Anything To Say?

One of the commentators (I would call you out by name, but you posted anonymously) challenged me to come up with something to say about the National Awards that were just announced.  I never really know what to say about National Awards, but I can say why I don’t have anything to say, at least.  And what my small, barely understanding it, reaction is.

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