Silly Sunday FanFic: You Ready for the Most Complicated Incestuous and Generation Bending Plot Imaginable?

Hopefully that headline drives people to actually read the post! I need help figuring out if this plot is actually incestuous or just FEELS incestuous.

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Happy International Positive Thinking Day! Watch My Mental Gymnastics As I Take All The Worst Things of Hindi Film and Make Them Good!

This is a holiday MADE FOR ME.  I am all about the positive thinking.  To an almost unhealthy degree, I have no patience with myself when I am self-pitying. “Suck it up, Margaret!”, I think, “Find the bright side and stop whining!”, I order myself.  But look!  Now the International Day people (whoever they are) have given me a challenge, let’s see if I can rise to it, and find something that it would be almost impossible to be positive about and somehow manage it.

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