Valentine's Week of Sex: Humare Dil Aapke Paas Hai, a Cheerful Family Friendly Rape Romance with No Sex

This is “sex week”, and this movie fits the theme because it is so extremely NOT about sex. In a good way. It’s a movie about how sex is a fact of life, but it is also something you can just choose not to have in your life and that is okay too. I mean, that’s not officially what it is about, officially it is about rape and societal judgement, but it’s also about a rape survivor going on to have a totally chaste romance. Consider that your “trigger warning”, but it’s also a pretty well-known plot twist to this film, so it’s not a spoiler exactly. Speaking of spoils, this is a very 2000s movie so it won’t be for all of you. If you aren’t planning to watch it, please spoil yourself! The plot is insane!!!

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