DCIB Book/Movie Club Reminder: Meet Me in St. Louis! Discussion This Sunday! Available on HBOMax, and For Rent

This is a selfish pick. I just love love love this movie. And it has a nice big Halloween section, so that’s fun. On the less selfish side, I think I can guarantee, this is a movie everyone on DCIB will enjoy. Great songs, amazing costumes, lots of family romance plot, just a total joy. Watch it with your family! Or remember when you saw it previously with your family! And come ready to discuss why Judy Garland is, or is not, the best character in the film.

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DCIB Book/Movie Club: Meet Me in St. Louis! For Halloween! Watch By Next Sunday and then Discuss With Us!

I am bringing back the DCIB Book/Movie club! Because it’s fall, it’s cozy, and also my brain is atrifying. Anyway, Meet Me in St. Louis! One of my favorite movies, and I guarantee all y’all will like something in it. Also, I have a great need to talk about how BORING the love interest is.

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