Aiyaary Review (SPOILERS): Wait, So That Was 4 Days/3 Hours To Get Us Back Where We Started?

Well, this was a pointless movie!  As in, the whole plot happens, and then you realize at the end “wait, that had no effect on anything”.  Not in a clever ironic way, but like the scriptwriter didn’t think it through.  And that’s on top of  the themes and characters just not being what they promised to be. (no spoilers review here)

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Aiyaary Review (No Spoilers): Neeraj Panday’s Usual Con Fails

Well, this was a bad movie.  Not a “I want to die” bad movie, more like a “maybe I will just take a little nap until it is over” bad movie.  Great actors, wasn’t their fault, but terrible script and terrible direction, just boring and unengaging.

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