Tuesday Tamil: Richie Review (SPOILERS), Nivin is Alone in the Film

I already put up my “no spoilers” review, this is the SPOILERS version.  For people who have already seen it, or can’t see it in theaters but want to know what it is like.  Or just want to know how it was without spending 2 hours of their lives on the film.  Because, although I want to tell you all to buy tickets and support Nivin, I really can’t in good conscience recommend that.  It’s not the best use of your time.

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Two Tamil Trailers: Richie and Tik Tik Tik

Two big Tamil trailers came out today (say that ten times fast!).  I am slightly more excited about one than the other, because it is a slightly better edited trailer and also has Nivin Pauly.  But the other one is pretty darn good too.  Most of all, they are both challenges to the Hindi dominance of everything.

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