Happy Election Day!!!!!!

Happy Election Day!  I got up very early and voted at the Croation Cultural Center.  I could have voted early or done a mail in ballot or any number of other things, but I really like the Croation Cultural Center and waiting until the actual day gives me an excuse to poke around inside.  Oh, and looking at my schedule of reviews, today is weirdly going to be all about female vengeance, so that’s kind of a cool theme

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Friday Classics: Yuva, for the Start of Election Season

Happy day before the Women’s March to the Polls!  Which is a kick off and a reminder that it is all our responsibilities not just to vote, but also to run for office if possible.  So, the perfect week to talk about Yuva!  (yes yes, I know Aaytha Ezhuthu is better, I can’t find it, and I’ve already seen Yuva)

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Election Day! GO VOTE!!!!!!

Even if you have to stand in line, even if it makes you miss a shift at work, even if you are scared of protestors or campaigners outside the polling line, DO IT!!!  Consistently, polling shows that the majority of people in America don’t agree with the politicians, but the politicians don’t care, because the majority of people don’t vote.  If you want America to start reflecting the concerns of people of color, young people, and everyone else who doesn’t feel heard, we need to show that we will show up and help elect people.  Or not elect them.  If you don’t choose “the better of two bad options”, then the worse of the two bad options will keep winning.  And if you need more information, here is google’s voter tool: https://www.google.com/search?q=where+do+i+vote#eob=va/4/16/

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