Happy Bhaag Jayegi Review (SPOILERS!!!): Kind of Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lahore

No one cares about this movie, do they?  That’s kind of too bad.  It’s a sweet little film, and it says something a little unusual and interesting about relationships, and also narrative structure and assumptions.

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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Review: A Nice Little Film (NO SPOILERS)

I saw Happy Bhaag Jayegi, on a weeknight, at 8pm.  So I am a little pie-eyed and sleep-deprived, and yet I will still attempt to write a quick spoiler free review!

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Why Socha Na Tha Reaffirms the Arranged Marriage

I just posted a thing about summery songs, and one of the commentators reminded me of “Abhi Abhi” from Socha Na Tha.  Which then reminded me about Socha Na Tha as a whole.  I looooooooove Socha Na Tha!  And I feel like, as Imtiaz Ali gets further and further from his roots, his first big break film is getting forgotten.  And it shouldn’t be!  Because I think it is better than what he is doing now.  And it says something much more interesting about Indian society than all the Tamasha‘s and Rockstar‘s and Highway‘s put together.

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