Dil Maange More: My Heart Wants More Films Like This!!!!

This is a perfect little light movie to watch on a Saturday morning while folding laundry.  Doesn’t really deserve a Friday Classics review, but I can’t help sharing my joy in watching it!  Especially since it is on Netflix now, so the vast majority of you can watch it too.

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Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 3, Soha to Lisa

I’m continuing to crank through the small time actresses, the ones who only need a few movies to fully understand their careers.  Because it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with the male stars and their longer careers, or the handful of super successful actresses (sorry Rani!  I’ll get to you someday!) (last small time actress post here)

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Why Socha Na Tha Reaffirms the Arranged Marriage

I just posted a thing about summery songs, and one of the commentators reminded me of “Abhi Abhi” from Socha Na Tha.  Which then reminded me about Socha Na Tha as a whole.  I looooooooove Socha Na Tha!  And I feel like, as Imtiaz Ali gets further and further from his roots, his first big break film is getting forgotten.  And it shouldn’t be!  Because I think it is better than what he is doing now.  And it says something much more interesting about Indian society than all the Tamasha‘s and Rockstar‘s and Highway‘s put together.

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