Karan Johar’s An Unsuitable Boy: A Summary in Filmic Terms, Part 2

I know a lot of us are reading this (and if you aren’t reading it, you should!  It’s great).  So I wanted to put up a couple of posts for us to discuss the details.  And, if for some reason you don’t have the time or access to read it yourself, I thought I should try to put up some interesting details for you to learn.  And since it is how I always think of things, I have tied them to Karan’s different films. (part 1 here)

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Karan Johar’s An Unsuitable Boy: A Summary In Filmic Terms, Part 1

I know a lot of my readers are reading this, and I wanted a place for us all to discuss.  I also know a lot of my readers don’t want to bother but might want a preview of what it says.  And I think I have found a way to satisfy both of you!  Without feeling like I am breaking some kind of plagiarism rule or skipping important parts.

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Karan Comes Out! (Sort Of)

Okay, could I fly to India on January 15th, buy An Unsuitable Boy in the airport, and then fly home immediately?  That would be a reasonable expense, right?  It’s not supposed to come out in America until March last I saw, and I am going to DIE!  Especially now that excerpts have started being printed.  And they are SO GOOD.

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