Gumrah: Bob Christo Sex Scene, BOB CHRISTO SEX SCENE!!!!!!

I could talk about Mahesh Bhatt, or Sanjay Dutt, or Sridevi of course. Or the Hong Kong setting or the crazy plot twists. But for the small community of DCIB, and the even smaller sub-section of DCIB that would be interested in an average film of the mid-90s, I feel that BOB CHRISTO SEX SCENE is what is most likely to get you excited.

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Friday Classics: I AM A DISCO DANCER!!!! (Mithunda Teaches Us How to Spell)

Sorry for shouting the title at you, but there is really no way to say it or read it or write it without hearing it shouted out at you. ┬áKind of like it’s almost impossible to read or write or say “Gadar” without following up with “ek Prem Katha”.

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