Monday Malayalam: Nee-Na, Complete Failure of the Bechdel Test, and Complete Failure to See the Reality of the Character They Created

I was browsing through einthusan and I saw this movie and thought “oh hey, I’ve heard about this film a lot, I should check it out”.  Not a great decision!  Really a very odd and strangely regressive film that is supposed to be about two women but is really just about the man torn between them.

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Monday Malayalam (on Tuesday): Pullikkaran Staraa, What We Expect Versus What Is

Not a great movie.  Really pretty flawed.  But pleasant, and with nice chemistry between the leads, and once again proof that Mammootty really really knows how to pick age appropriate scripts.  And also how to age gracefully, he is playing at least 10 years younger than his real age and I can believe it.

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