Silly Sunday: The Feminist Versus the Underclass, Remaking a Doris Day-Rock Hudson Classic By Setting It in the Bombay Film Industry

We were just talking about against the grain readings and I realized that I had Lover Come Back stored on my TV, one of the biggest against the grain movies of Hollywood. And then I watched it and realized it hits that sweet spot of romance with social commentary all baked in that I like. Plus ten gabillion moments of “we all know that Rock Hudson is gay and are having a super fun time playing with the audience not knowing that Rock Hudson is gay”.

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Silly Sunday: Juhi Chawla Hollywood Remake Options

Procrastinatrix inspired me, mentioning that Juhi reminds her of Judy Holliday and making me think how perfect a Bells Are Ringing remake with Juhi would be.  And then I started thinking about other remakes and how they would also be perfect.  Get ready for some very deep cuts of classic Hollywood, because Juhi really has a classic clever Hollywood Musical feel to her.

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