Next Sunday 9/30 ReRun Announcement!!! Sadak, in Honor of Sadak 2 Being Announced

This is SO EXCITING.  Mahesh Bhatt returning to directing, Pooja Bhatt returning to acting, Alia Bhatt working with her father for the first time and Sanjay working with Mahesh for the first time in years.  But mostly, a return to a true film classic.

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Monday Malayalam Film School: Angamaly Diaries, the Best Made Indian Film Since Guru Dutt

Sorry, forgot when I “assigned” this film to be watched this week that my review is SO FREAKING LONG.  Oh well, great art excites me.  If you want to know why this film is just breathtaking, then you should read my no spoilers review.  Because the amazing part of the film isn’t in the story it is telling and what happens, it is in how the story is told.  But if you want to read a little more in depth discussion about the film and every aspect of it, not just the breathtaking parts, you can read on.

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Thursday Telugu Advanced Warning! Watch Something Something, That Will Be the Review Next Thursday

Attention Attention Attention!  I watched Something Something and was going to review it today, and then Section 377 knocked it right off the schedule.  So I decided to move it out a week and give you all advance warning, in case you wanted to watch it before I reviewed it.  It’s on Prime, the review will go up sometime on the 9/13.

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