In Honor of Section 377 Dying, a Post of an Old Paper I Wrote About How Karan Johar Has Been Fighting For This For 20 Years

This is going to read differently from my normal posts.  It’s a paper I wrote years ago, that was published in a book and a journal.  So it is very academic sounding and stuff, the original even has footnotes (you can read it here).  It is also very clear and certain in its style, the way academic writing is supposed to be.  That doesn’t mean I think it is perfect and that you can’t disagree with it just as much as with any of the other stuff I write with all the “I think”s and “Possibly”s and “You could see this as”s.  Mostly I just thought it was an interesting thing to look back on today as 377 is once again dead.  Also, you get to see how I managed to sneak the phrase “molten beefcake” into an academic journal.

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