Happy Birthday Amitji! 75 Reasons I Love You!

It’s Amitabh’s Birthday!!!!!  The second most glorious day of the filmic year (after November 2nd, I do have my priorities).  And, of course, for Amitabh, I will be doing a full 75 reasons to love him. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Happy Ashok Kumar’s Birthday!!!

I am super sick, so my brain head typing fingers aren’t really working.  I can’t handle anything complicated, like my usual “reasons I love you style birthday posts”. But I think I am up to writing a little narrative of Ashok Kumar’s life.  Even if I can’t handle all the many many news stories that are coming out and I should really be talking about (nothing huge, like Shahrukh getting a divorce or something, but I’d really like to talk about the Censor Board certificate for Ae Dil at some point in the distant future when I no longer feel like death).

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