DCIB Book Club: Laura! The Most Romantic Murder Mystery EVER!!! UPDATE: Discussion is NEXT WEEK! Posted This Early, Will Repost Next Week

UPDATE: I messed up! This discussion is supposed to be next week. But I’m not going to pull the post, you can read it now to have things to think about as you read the book. And I will repost it next week.

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DCIB Book/Movie Club: Laura! One of the Best Books, and Movies, EVER!!!!! Come back in 2 Weeks, January 30, To Discuss!

I just remembered this book, and then I thought “hey, I bet the DCIB people would like it too” and then I thought “I should restart our book club for it!” And now I am. And I am giving you 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to find it and read it.

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