Box Office: Mahesh Babu Moves Bucks!!!!

Does that headline work? I think it works. The point is, FINALLY, there is an old time massive Telugu hit at the American box office. And also the Australian box office. But not Canada, never Canada. (as always, numbers courtesy of Renttrack by way of bollywoodhungama)

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October Review (SPOILERS): A Love Story?

I’m going to spoil this film, but it is so open to interpretation, you can read my version and go see it and come out with a version all of your own.  So I don’t know if I need to warn you away from this review or not.  If you want to avoid just in case, my No Spoilers review is here.

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Valentine’s Day Announcements! Upcoming Films And More

Well, everyone wants to release first looks on Valentine’s Day.  So there are soooooooooooo many.  And also, bonus, a reminder that once upon a time Jaya and Amitabh were so in love you could die.

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