Silly Sunday Fanfic: 4 Real Life Stories Shahrukh Should Play Onscreen

Last Sunday of 31 days o’ SRK!  Very sad.  Although I am also kind of excited about being able to try out new non-SRK fanfic if I want next week.  Anyway, for the final post, 4 real life stories that Shahrukh should play.  And since it is just 4, I go into great great detail, unlike me very brief posts for some of the 11 last week.

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Hindi Film 101: Gandhi-Nehru Family Part 5, Rajiv, Sonia, and Rahul

Happy Thursday!  Time to come back to the Gandhi-Nehru family!  Doesn’t get any easier to talk about stuff after 1984 really, does it?  Partly because 1984 cast such a long shadow. (Nehru Gandhi part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here)

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