Luck By Chance Annotated Edition Part 6: The Launch of a Star Daughter

Only 2 parts left after this!  Now I am kind of sad.  This was a nice different way to cover a film. (full index of Luck By Chance coverage here)

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Luck By Chance Annotated Edition Part 3: From Circus to Fridge

Part 3!  Gonna see if I can manage to get through more than one page of notes in one post.  At least a page and a half.  I don’t want to get too ambitious. (full listing of Luck By Chance posts here)

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Luck By Chance Review (SPOILERS): First, Do No Harm

If you haven’t seen this movie, or want to think about performances and songs and mise-en-scene, go back to my last review.  This is for talking about what actually happens and what we think of the characters and what the point of it all might have been.

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