Mangal Panday’s Birth Anniversary, A Day to Look Back at 1857

I put up this post originally on the anniversary of his first act of rebellion, but it didn’t get many views, so I am putting it up again on the anniversary of his birth.  Because Mangal Panday is important!  And so is 1857.  And we should remember both of them.

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Remembering Mangal Panday Day, Let’s Talk 1857

March 29th is the anniversary of both the annexation of the Punjab by the British East India Company in 1849, and the start of the 1857 revolution with the actions of Mangal Panday 8 years later.  So that’s cool!

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Junoon Review: For Shashi

Still upset about Shashi.  I just read Amitabh’s little tribute, he talked about how Shashi would always introduce himself by holding out his hand and saying with a warm smile “Shashi Kapoor”.  It was a sign of his humility, he never assumed that people knew who he was.  You can see that humility in this film, he has a wonderful role, but it is no bigger than anyone else’s, he easily shares screen space with Nawazuddin Shah, with Nafisa Ali, and of course with his own wife.

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