New Youtube Video! SO MUCH DOG!!!! Also, all about money money money

I managed to work my dog’s obedience issues into the discussion of Abhishek Kapoor and KriArj.  I have to admit, that was not the plan, it just felt like I had to acknowledge her popping in and out of the video somehow. (based on original post here)

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Hindi Film 101: Stars as Commodities, Directors as Parents, Money Money Money

There were 3 interesting industrial news stories in one day, which I want to use as  jumping off point to discuss how money and art intersect in Hindi film.  The first two are short and kind of set the stage, the last one is the very interesting one that relates to the whole history of how film finances work. (this was originally posted as a news round-up, but it really makes more sense as a Hindi Film 101)

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News Round-Up: Industrial Stories! Money Money Money Money

Oh boy!  My favorite juicy scandalous fascinating addictive news items!  That’s right, INSIDE INDUSTRY BUSINESS STORIES!  Let’s get into contracts and star rates and all kinds of fun stuff like that!  No joke, I really do find these stories way way way more fun to talk about than, like Anushka-Virat wedding news.  Maybe you do to!  And even if you don’t, you can just not read this!  That works too.

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