Discussion Post: Recommend Feel Good Streaming Serieses!

Feeling the need to inject a little more happiness into our “Happiness Place”! So, anything from anywhere that makes you feel good about the world when you watch it. That genre of “look, it’s nice people doing nice thing because the world is good” show that is total pandering to the audience, but also a nice corrective to all the “people are trash” messages we get in other shows.

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Indulgent FanFic Post: High Quality Middle-School Dramedies Remade as Indian Movies, The Babysitters Club and Andi Mack

I love escaping to a world of 12 years old, when your parents had the house and food and clothes and stuff responsibilities, and you just had to solve mysteries and fight and make up with friends and so on.  Usually I escape in bookform (Trixie Belden, woot-woot!), but there are two high quality TV shows (like, seriously high quality, not just kids shows) that I have been saving for a special occasion and now I am binging and I DESPERATELY want them remade in India.  Only with the focus on the parents.

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