Last Minute Song Plagiarism Post!

So I just had a friend over to hang out and watch songs and watch me make pumpkin bread.  And I was showing her a bunch of the stuff I had discovered since the last time she came over.  And she recognized one of the songs!

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Mahesh Babu’s Businessman: Wait, Am I Missing a Deeper Level Here?

This is one of those silly stupid fun movies that had a couple of moments that made me go “wait, am I imagining a hidden message here, or is it actually here?”  So I am going to need your help in the comments to figure this out!

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Happy Mahesh Babu’s Birthday!

This post is really for moviemavengal, since she is the one who knows more about Mahesh.  As usual with the regional industries, I am kind of in the dark and only know the little bit I have seen in the past few months.  But, it’s his birthday today, and I feel like I should do SOMETHING!  So here are a few songs from the few films I have seen, but I love the songs.  Feel free to celebrate in the comments if you have something to add!

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