Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review (NO SPOILERS): Loses Its Way When it Loses the Romance

Well, that was an interesting movie going experience!  One half a charming unusual love story, one half a massive Modi propaganda movie.  And then a hidden third half in a parallel dimension that is what the movie really wanted to be about and couldn’t.  The movie I thought the trailer was promising us.

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Mahesh Babu’s Businessman: Wait, Am I Missing a Deeper Level Here?

This is one of those silly stupid fun movies that had a couple of moments that made me go “wait, am I imagining a hidden message here, or is it actually here?”  So I am going to need your help in the comments to figure this out!

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Shahrukh on Modi

Well, barely on Modi.  It’s like a fragment of a quote from an interview where he talked about how he wasn’t going to talk about serious things any more unless it is on a platform specifically for serious things (is he considering a run for office?   Let’s start that rumor!  Or does he just mean another in depth essay or interview?).

Anyway, here is his quote:

“I think the developmental clause of his governance is fantastic. I am all for modernness and development. And it will be fantastic if he takes it up and makes it for the whole country,”


I think this isn’t quite “damning by faint praise”, but it is pretty close!  He likes the developmental clause, but not necessarily anything else.  And he is waiting to see if Modi is successful in instituting it for the whole country.