News Round-Up/Discussion Post: K-Pop and Korea Arrives, Janvhi is Innocent, SRK Sells Movies, Kajol-Ajay Move House, Nyssa is Trolled, Alia and Osho, Kangana Directs, Varun is Stalked, Nawazuddin Pulls Muscle

So many little little stories today! I don’t want to try to tie them together and they aren’t really worth deep discussion on their own, so instead I will throw it all out there and let you discuss.

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Tuesday Telugu: Magadheera, or KAJAL! Can You Do ANYTHING USEFUL!?!?!?!

Angie suggested I re-review this a few weeks back, and this week I am super busy (heads up: possibly no new reviews at all next week), so I didn’t have time to watch something new.  Summer weekends are hard!  I may need to officially move off of Monday and Tuesday and on to Wednesday and Thursday because I just can’t find the time to watch movies on Saturday and Sunday.  Anyway, life gives me lemons, and I make lemonade: a chance to review a film that deserves a second look but doesn’t need a second watch!

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Mahesh Babu’s Businessman: Wait, Am I Missing a Deeper Level Here?

This is one of those silly stupid fun movies that had a couple of moments that made me go “wait, am I imagining a hidden message here, or is it actually here?”  So I am going to need your help in the comments to figure this out!

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