Tuesday Tamil: Pizza! An Unfinished Horror Film

Well, I watched Pizza!  Which had a high standard to live up to, because the only other horror movie I have seen is The innocents.  Oh wait, also Ezra.  Which is a lot easier to beat than The Innocents.  I think I would say this one landed closer to The Innocents side of the scale than Ezra.  Oh!  I forgot The Fog!  Which hardly qualifies to be called a movie, let alone a horror film.  But is fun if you ever want to see Irrfan Khan in the worst film of his career.

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Monday Malayalam: Ezra Puts a Twist on Manichitrathazhu

I went to see a Malayalam movie in the theaters again!  Actually, I saw two, and was completely unproductive otherwise all Saturday.  It was a great weekend.  And next Monday, you get to see a review of the other movie!

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